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An iPhone is a beautiful device used in communication. However, it’s fragile. It, therefore, needs some form of cushioning to offer it protection against rugged surfaces and environments. You may be familiar with the implications of harsh weather conditions. To protect your gadget from such environs, you’ll need to purchase an iPhone case. That’s why we’re analyzing some of the leading iPhone case trends you should know. A few strong reliable iPhone 11 Pro cases are just one of the many brands.

  • The Pelican Shield Case 

The Pelican Shield is a prominent brand
in the iPhone world.
It has a protective shield against different equipment that may damage your
iPhone. It also provides a tough case to cushion it against different harsh
objects. You’ll like the fact that it exceeds the usual military standards.
Therefore, it shall survive a few drops.

  • Evo
    Check Evoke Rugged Case

iPhone cases are known to be pretty expensive.
However, you’ll realize that they are worth it. You can invest in different
designs, depending on your taste and preferences. Besides, they come in
different colors too. Try to focus on the height o the iPhone case to get the
right product for your device. With that in mind, the protection also extends
to the case. It has three additional layers of cushioning situated in the
bumper. Even the phone drops 3 feet from the stair-case, the cover will protect

  • The
    Maple iPhone Case

One aspect you’ll like about this iPhone case is its
natural wooden charm. It’s not only beautiful but has a vintage look to it. The
backplate is strong to withstand any intense pressure generated from the harsh
environment. Imagine when you drop the phone, the case will protect it from

  • CM4
    Card Case

iPhone Cases

With the CM4 iPhone case, you can quickly leave that wallet
at home. The case has various impeccable features that you’ll benefit from. For
instance, it has durable plastic to help you in lifting your phone quickly. It
also has multiple textured strips situated on its sides. They play the role of
enhancing the phone’s grip. Apart from that, the back of the case is made of
leather. It has a back pocket that can be used in keeping the money.

  • Incipio

If you’re looking for an affordable iPhone case,
then this should be your best option. The product has a simple but sophisticated
look. It also fits perfectly into your gadget. Apart from that, it has a tough
exterior shell that can protect it from damage if it falls. The poach allows
you to have easy access to your device. Apart from that, the prints are


There are many types
and styles of iPhone cases. In 2019, new brands have been released into the
market. This article has highlighted some of the best iPhone case trends in the


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