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Laptops have become an intrinsic part of boosting productivity as you can now achieve a lot of tasks through your system.  Most laptops manufactured today are powerful and are capable of multitasking. We have seen advancements in the mobile technology industry, and as such, we now have laptops with more effective and durable battery life. While some laptops can conveniently take you a whole day on a single charge, many others cannot. It’s safe to conclude that the deterioration of a laptop’s battery health accounts for this inefficiency.

To get the best out of your laptop, you should look out for certain features that’ll enhance the laptop’s performance. The battery of the laptop is one such feature, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. Most persons make a lot of mistakes while handling the laptop battery, and such mistakes often lead to a shorter battery span. If you’re looking to prolong your laptop’s battery life, you should adhere to certain procedures to prolong its span. This article highlights some care routine for your laptop battery.

Battery saver mode

If you’re the type that doesn’t carry out heavy operations frequently on your laptop, the battery saver mode is ideal for you. Laptop manufacturers now include this feature on their products to squeeze out as much juice from the battery. It’s important to point out that the laptop’s performance drops as soon as you activate it, but it’s eventually worth it. If you’re not playing a game or using a software that requires the laptop’s optimal performance, you will do well to activate the battery save feature.

Plug it in before the battery gets drained

It’s not a nice habit to let your battery get completely drained before you charge it. This pattern gradually diminishes your battery life until it eventually gets spoilt. A good time to plug in your system would be right before it goes below the 20% mark.

Ejects your disk drive 

The consistent spinning of disk uses an ample percentage of battery resources. Although newer laptops are not pre-built with a CD-drive, you should consider ejecting it if you do have one. It could give you a couple more minutes, and in the world of technology, that’s enough time to get a lot of things done.

Disable OS Features 

Windows come with many features on its OS, and they often take a significant hit to battery performance. Make it a priority to disable animations, graphics effects to have an efficient laptop and longer battery life.

Disconnect unused devices

You probably like to connect your gadgets to your laptop to transfer files amidst other things. The gadgets use the battery power of your laptop, and the residual effect becomes pronounced on the battery with time. For example, constant use of USB peripherals significantly drains your laptop battery, as your motherboard has to constantly power them. You should make it a habit to unplug every single device that’s connected to your laptop as soon as you’re done using them.

Do not keep your laptop plugged in

Another obvious mistake that’s common with laptop users is leaving their gadget plugged in even when the battery is full. Your laptop battery is designed to have a certain number of cycles of charges; keeping your battery plugged in every time reduces the number. Maintaining a healthy charge is a good way to unplugging your battery once it hits the 80% bar.

Reduce the brightness

If you’ve not noticed, the brightness of your gadget consumes a huge chunk of your battery’s juice. You should dim the brightness while the laptop is idle to as to conserve battery. Some features on the laptop allow the system’s display to turn off when it’s not in use. These features could prove handy in making sure that your laptop’s brightness does not affect battery life. Save some battery juice as you dim your laptop’s brightness, specifically when you’re indoors. Some laptops have the option on a shortcut (fn), denoted by a shiny symbol that arrows down and up.

Disconnect from unused networks

If you are not making use of it, switch it off. The Wi-Fi drains the battery as it constantly draws powers even when it’s not connected. Also, other connections like Bluetooth account for the constant drainage of your laptop battery. It’s always advisable that you turn off these features when you’re not making use of them.

Spend On Quality Hardware

Good practices and tweaks to your laptop’s software can go as far as getting you some extra juice. If you’re looking to ultimately optimize your battery life to scale you throughout a full intensive day, you could use some help of good quality hardware. Most laptop manufacturers ship their laptops with 6-cell battery life. A few other offers up to 8, while we also have seen a few occasions of 12-cell shipped. They are typical units of compact batterie PC Portable as they fit well in your backpack, having enough ports to charge your laptop, phones, Bluetooth headphones, and many other gadgets.

Other useful tips

If all of the above tips do not help in the prolongation of your laptop’s battery life, you should look to get a backup battery. This backup battery would serve the purpose of relieving the pressure on your main battery so that the charging cycle is fully optimized.

Final Thought

There it is, some of the best ways to optimize your laptop battery. While these are some of the best practices for optimizing your laptop battery life, do not neglect your laptop’s healthy charging circle. The battery of your laptop plays a vital role in its performance, and you’d do well to squeeze as much power from it. Do note that under extreme conditions, direct sunlight and overheating your battery can get damaged. The perfect portable laptop battery should last long, and these tips should help ensure this target.


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