custom diamond painting

Just like traditional arts have several tricks to attain production, so does modern arts like diamond painting. Not so many clients are interested in how you get the job done; their concern is your final piece of work. However, it is of immense benefit to you to toll comfortable paths either when working for a client or creating a personalised diamond painting. This article focuses on the various methods involved in the diamond painting process.


By sectioning, you get to achieve your task in considerable time. It would be best if you considered this technique when painting a large piece of art. While working on a large canvas, there are chances of you fixing your gems on inappropriate grids. To avoid such, it is advisable you segment your work station into different areas. On completion of a segment, you can then go on to subsequent areas.

 While working on a specific segment, you should also cover other portions against materials that might stick on the tacky canvas surface.

Use of Adjustable Chair.

Diamond painting can be time-consuming yet pleasurable, making it hardly possible to notice a deformation in posture while at it. The use of an adjustable chair is hence to your advantage as it aids your change in position when putting your diamond portraits together.

Use of Multi-Diamond Tool.

Picking diamond beads one after the other would take quite a lot of time before completion. However, the multi-diamond tool design allows you to select a range of numbers at a time, depending on the applicator tool’s design. A multi-layer tool is also a handy tool for alignment when using the square beads for your canvas.

Proper use of Gem Organizers.

The gem organizers are created to give you control over your stone beads from the onset. These organizers create a system of work that allows you to section your diamonds according to colors, sizes, and shapes. Either one of your square-shaped or round-shaped gems are collected together for easy access at the point of fixing them on the canvas. With such an organized approach, you stand a better chance after your artwork in record time.

Begin from the Canvas Top.

Your starting point should be a conscious decision before starting your paintings. Starting from the top ensures proper layout on your canvas area. With this, there is a minimal risk compared to starting from the bottom upwards. For instance, any disruption at the top will only require you to fix the beads back in place using the tweezer. Whereas, any disruption to starting from the bottom could lead to total removal of gems from their fixed positions, now leaving you with no other choice than repeating the fixing process.

Finish off with Rollers.

At the point of completion, there might be few diamond stones out of place due to dry adhesives between the canvas and diamond beads. In such situations, you use the tweezer tool to realign the gems on the canvas. With the use of rollers and protective layers, you straighten out the surface of your artwork for proper setting.

Final Thought

In conclusion, with these plethora of methods, and constant practice, you stand a better chance of creating a masterpiece on your next trial.


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