Mac users often feel underserved when it comes to choosing tools and utilities to use. The Mac apps ecosystem is very different from that of the Windows platform. As such, you can tell by the differences in PDF editors. While the PDF editing solutions in Windows are plenty, it is not the same in MacOS. So what’s there to know about Mac PDF editing? Here is a the Sweet Bits’ review to Mac PDF editing.

Since we are in a digitized era, where the most popular digital document format is a PDF file, you should find a useful application that can read, modify and edit your pdf documents according to your needs. Here is a professional review of some of the best Mac PDF editing tools that you can use today.

1. PDFpenPro 11
The PDFpenPro is one of the oldest macOS–only pdf editors that stand out due to its well-elaborate features. However, you have to purchase it to use. But, you can find cheaper versions, though with fewer editing options.

The application allows you to create PDF documents from scratch, make changes to the text, and even replace images. It has an excellent OCR engine that allows the application to automatically detect a scanned copy and convert it to editable text.

2. PDF Candy
Are you on the search for a free MAC editing tool? You may consider using the web-based editor, PDF Candy. Unlike many free options, PDF candy boasts of OCR capabilities. The application allows you to upload pdf documents, extract text, and create either a Word, RTF, or text document.

However, PDF Candy does not allow you to edit the scanned text.

It also allows you to protect documents with a password, split, add and rearrange documents and even add a watermark. Although PDF Candy is a feature-rich editor, it has minimal text editing options compared to other PDF editing tools.

3. PDF Expert
PDF Expert is one of the topmost recommended pdf editors on the Mac App Store since it came into the market in 2015. The application can work not only on a Mac but also on other Apple products. It allows you to transfer documents seamlessly through the devices enabling you to work from anywhere.

The application has a simple interface with fewer features compared to other PDF editors. However, its simplicity makes it one of the most convenient to use for anyone new to macOS.

4. Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac
Adobe Acrobat is by far the most considered solution for viewing and editing PDF files. A pioneer in the industry, the Adobe Acrobat Pro is one of the few PDF editing software that you can find in Windows and macOS.

The application comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. However, it may take some learning to understand how to use all the different features it offers.

The app boasts of features that you may hardly find in other PDF editors. Such include the ability to move objects in a document and edit an image.

You can find the application for free online with simple features. However, if you want the more advanced editing features, you may have to pay a subscription fee.

Final Thoughts
Even though there are not as many tools offering Mac PDF editing as Windows, the above PDF editing tools can still deliver the results you are looking to achieve. It may be hard to choose the best from the list since they all have their own merits.

However, you can be sure that there is a Mac PDF editing tool that can solve your needs.



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