Who doesn’t need a smartphone? A smartphone has replaced lots of items in our hands and made it more versatile than ever. They allow you to chat and connect with people from around the world, sell products and services without distance being a barrier, and do amazing things from the comfort of your home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new smartphone or replacing an old one. There are some things to look out for when buying a smartphone. Lots of tech companies are coming out with their flagship smartphone innovations every time, so it can be very difficult to choose especially when there are great deals like the smartphone Black Friday UK. 

Here are some quick tips to help you make the right smartphone decision that you’ll be proud of in years to come.

What to look out for when buying a smartphone

1. What operating system do you want?

There are two major operating systems- Android and iOS. Android dominates over 75% of the phones produced worldwide, and it’s for a good reason. There are more choices when it comes to design, specs, capabilities, price, and display settings compared to iOS.

Furthermore, Android OS is open, so it’s easily customizable with widgets.

As for iOS, they are special operating systems that come with iPhones. The latest version offers several enhancements, which include a better control center, a redesigned and flexible app store, great live video editing, and a real files app.

People often opt for iOS because they have better OS updates, easy to use, and very flexible.

2. Size of the screen

People don’t think the size of the screen isn’t important, and that’s wrong. You have to consider the size of the screen before you buy a smartphone. What size do you want?

Some people go for small-sized screens because it’s compact, handy, and can fit into small spaces. People go for large-sized screens because it gives others the impression that it’s quite expensive. These types of phones are also great for reading e-books, watching videos, and running simultaneous apps.

3. Phone design

Phone design is subjective. People consider good and bad phone designs in different ways. If you care so much about aesthetics and build, go for a metal and glass design. If possible, look for a phone that offers both.

There are lots of cheap handsets with plastic bodies, but that shouldn’t be an option except you want to save money or you want to get a phone for temporary use.

Furthermore, look for a phone that is water-resistant if you want it to be durable. The phone should be able to survive when you submerge it in 3-feet water for about 20 to 30 minutes. In other words, you won’t worry about your phone getting damaged by water anytime soon.

4. Camera

We have come to a point in smartphone evolution where people value their camera more than the processor. This is why iOS phones are such a major sellout.

More smartphones have cameras with 12 megapixels or more, but that shouldn’t be your only judge. Look at image quality, speed, and other features.


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