Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows are a type of pillow whose covers are made of bamboo woven into the fabric while the inside is filled with memory foam. The foam provides pressure relief from the head, neck, and shoulders. The pillows are becoming quite popular among people who are seeking for comfort to improve their sleep. In this extract, we point out what you should know and avoid while buying a bamboo pillow.

Choosing the Best Bamboo Pillow

Many pillows available in the market and knowing which one to go with can be a bit challenging. As a buyer, you have to consider a couple of factors: to get value for your money. They include:

  1. Type and Size

There is a wide variety of types of pillows available, including wedge, traditional contoured, etc. The sizes range from king-size, queen-size, and standard. Though many manufactures produce standard size pillows, choose one that matches your bed.

  1. Purpose of the Pillow

What is driving you to buy the pillow? Is it for comfort, style, support? The pillow you choose should depend on your needs.

  1. Sleeping Position/Styles

Some pillows are known to accommodate all sleeping positions, while some are specific for when lying on the back, stomach, and sides. Every person has a sleeping style that they prefer. Side and back sleepers should get a small, medium-sized pillow while those that lie on their stomachs have a fuller pillow. Also, keep in mind that one’s comfort is not yours, so go with your preference.

  1. Firmness

Pillows can be customized according to your liking. They have different densities, and the filling can be adjusted to your preferred height and firmness. Different shapes have different firmness, making them either too firm or too soft for your needs. The denser the pillow, the more the comfort and support to the back and neck.

  1. Covers

Some bamboo pillow covers are sold separately, allowing you to change them or replace and even wash them. Ensure the material is easy to clean, i.e., for hygiene purposes, prevent allergies, in cases of incontinence or even a messy child, is of good quality, breathable, soft, and does not shrink.

  1. Durability

Choose a brand that is well known in the market for durable products. It allows you to get a product that will serve you well and get value for your money. Investing in the right pillow saves you money since you don’t have to keep replacing it.

  1. Warranty

Always buy pillows with a warranty. It gives you the assurance that any manufactures damages will be covered and not at your cost.

What to Avoid When Buying Pillows

  1. Avoid Low Priced Pillows

Extremely low priced cushions are to be questioned because bamboo pillows tend to be expensive. Some are made from harmful materials and highly toxic chemicals which cause health issues such as cancer and neurological disorders.


Bamboo pillows are a good investment, and you should pay close attention to the details and reviews before purchase. Although they are worth trying out, make sure you get them from a reputable supplier.



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