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With the current coronavirus pandemic ravaging different cities around the world, there is a need to invest in a quality dust mask, especially those living in areas that are adversely affected. When buying a dust mask, it should cover your face and remain intact when you walk and work.

In the wake of the COVID-19, you may want to consider the N95 grade dust masks. These masks are expertly designed to reduce airborne particles such as coronavirus.

Which dust mask should you buy?

The dust masks with a 95% rating are a great choice if you wish to protect yourself from coronavirus. This is because they have already been approved by the CDC to prevent transmission of avian flu and swine flu. They are also designed to properly fit your mouth and nose, providing excellent protection from viral infection.

Buying Dust Masks to Prevent Spread of COVID-19: Key Considerations

During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential to buy quality dust masks. This guide should help you invest in the right one.

Are they a Perfect Fit?

The next time you shop for a dust mask, you should make sure that they fit correctly. While you may get one that is of excellent quality, it shouldn’t be a one size fit all. One of the design aspects you need to consider is adjustability.

The ideal mask should cover the area around your nose to the chin. It should also be a tight fit not to allow any particles to enter.

Go for Certified Masks

There are a lot of cheap masks branded as quality products. The unsuspecting customers who end up buying them can get exposed to coronavirus unknowingly. When purchasing a dust mask, it should be certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

The dust masks that have been approved for use will have a label with the certification and rating. This is a surety that you’ve settled on a safe and quality product. While you may want to consider other types of dust masks, you should select those with an N95 rating. This is crucial because it prevents exposure of up to 95% of any viral particle.

The Ease of Breathing

While dust masks are designed to make it easier for the users to breathe around them, this is always not the case. While it’s not entirely impossible to breathe around them, it’s not easy either. Some people may even be forced to remove them for a while so that they can catch their breath.

When wearing a mask, the right way to breathe is through your nose and mouth. Breathing in with your nose helps to filter the air that you breathe. When you breathe out with your mouth, your dust mask allows more air out than if you do it using your nose.

Final Thoughts – Should You Go For Disposable or Reusable?

When buying dust masks, you may want to consider whether you need reusable or disposable types. The disposable dust masks are a great option if you find the quality ones. Since the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going to last for some time, you may want to consider investing in the reusable types.

They may be costly than the disposal ones, but they’ll end up being cost-effective in the long run.



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