Wigs have become an iconic fashion statement in recent times. They are a good way to experiment with one’s style while giving the natural hair a much-deserved break.

Wigs come in various colors, texture, length, and style to suit the needs of different women. But to ensure they maintain their allure, they need to be maintained well.

With just the right amount of care, your weaved wig will leave you looking gorgeous. Follow these essential tips to maintain your weaved wigs.

Keep It Far from Water

Women’s hair whether it is natural or artificial is affected by water. So, ensure that before showering or doing any activity related to water that your hair is fully covered. Water can damage your weaved wig hairstyle leading it to shrink and become loose.

If your wig happens to be wet, ensure you dry it completely. A wet weaved wig will develop a mildew smell or molds. To dry it, use a blow drier and put it on low heat setting as excessive heat will damage the wig.

Protect It at Night

Depending on the type of wig you don protecting it at night while sleeping is essential. Wear a headscarf or a sleep cap and secure it loosely but firm. If you do not want to cover your head, then sleep on pillows with silk or satin pillowcases. Doing so will prevent your weaved wig from frizzing and breaking due to friction while keeping the edges neat and fresh.

Perform Conditioning Religiously

Skipping to condition your wig is the biggest injustice you can do to it. Generally, wigs need to be conditioned to keep them soft, moisturized, and glossy.

Natural conditioners are best if your wig is made from natural hair. If your wig is made from synthetic materials, then it is appropriate to use synthetic-based conditioners. Conditioning your wig properly will ensure it stays fresh and lasts longer.

Use Appropriate Hair Products

Drenching your weave wig with any hair product is a no-no. Always ensure that you are consistent with the hair product you apply. Changing your hair products now and again will damage your weave wig strands leaving them stringy, and greasy. Also, be keen to apply small amounts of hair products each time.

Desist from Scratching

Scratching is a natural reaction and there is nothing you can do about it. Though, when it comes to the hair, avoid it as much as you can. After having your wig weaved you will experience scalp irritation. Scratching with your fingernails will worsen the irritation and cause you to disrupt your weaved wig. To prevent that, invest in a scalp soother for instant relief.

Visit a Professional Hair Stylist

If you are struggling to maintain your wig (yeebia), you can seek the services of a ghana weaving wig hairstylist. Having your weaved wig maintained by a stylist will save you the unnecessary cost that comes with you damaging it. The stylist will be able to clean it, dry it, and condition it appropriately. Visiting the stylish once a week will be a good thing.



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