COB stands for chip on board and COB LED means LED with the chip on board. It is an emerging technology of LED packaging for LED light engine. Multiple chips of LED are clustered in a single panel so that when they are turned on, it gives you a feel of a lighting panel.

LED is already known for the advantage of saving energy and a very long lifespan. Not just that, LED is also budget friendly solution for the lighting needs of this world since its consumption of energy is very low that is why it is considered to be the most suitable and high demanded product of this era.

How COB LED Works?

As discussed, COB (chip on board) LED is a set of packaged LEDs which can enhance the luminosity and lumen density or you can say the brightness up to 10 times from the normal LED lights that are being used these days by the users and due to its maximum extent it also avoids to provide the uncomfortable glare to your eyes. These days COB LEDS can be found in the form of ceramic and aluminum variants in the market, one of the greatest advantage is that it can also be designed into other light engines as well.


Picture Courtesy: Citizen Electronics

Advantages Of COB LED

There are various notable advantages of using COB LED technology but some of the most considerable ones are as follows:-

· Due to small size of chips the size of the COB LED is also quite compact

· In lesser distances the COB LED is going to through the light with higher intensity

· The light emitting from it is highly uniform and doesn’t have any anomalies even in close working distances

· The design and architecture of COB LEDs are greatly simple because there are only 1 circuit and two contacts in one LED

· Superior thermal resistance

· Higher in efficiency and better lighting effect

· Long life, stable and truly reliable


Why COB LEDs Are Best When Running On Battery Power?

A trade off and a drawback has always appeared while designing battery powered lighting system because it has been proven in studies that as much lumen output i.e. brightness you need as much would be the power consumption and the runtime of the battery power is going to be least. The recent development of COB technology has swept out this trade off now, you don’t need to worry about the power that might run out of your batter for having greater brightness. Brighter light output with an extended and long lasting period of time was impossible few years ago but the COB technology has brought all the solutions to this specific problem.

Conclusively, COB LED technology is most latest and advanced technology that is going to guarantee a greener environment for future. No further dialogue is required when you know that COB LEDS are energy sufficient, outputs a higher quality beam of light, consumes less power and is highly reliable in comparison to the old LED technology usually displayed everywhere. Therefore, to save power we need to insist on the COB LED technology.


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