If you don’t have a garden hose reel, you’re doing it wrong. It stores your garden hoses, keeping it de-tangled and dry all the time (before and after use). It can also increase the durability of your hose.

However, it’s not enough to want to buy a hose reel. Getting the right garden hose reel can be complicated, especially for newbies. If you aren’t used to technical appliances, you should go for a Wall Mounted reel. It’s super easy to handle and very convenient.

Before buying a reel, what should you know? What should you look out for?

Here are the top things you should know before buying one.

Top things you should know before buying a garden hose reel

1. The quality of the garden hose reel determines the lifespan of the hose

Always remember this when searching for products. A hose is only as good as its reel. So many hoses don’t last more than a year. It isn’t because they aren’t good, but their value may have stretched thin due to damaging external factors.

When you use a hose reel, your hose is protected from cracks and splits, thereby making it more durable. It also protects it from sun damages. You end up saving more money.

2. Look out for specifications

Do specifications matter when it comes to garden hose reels? Yes, they do.

This part may seem stressful for people but it’s quite important. In fact, it’s the most important. If you don’t check it, you’d be less with a worthless product.

Now, what should you look out for?

Check for the reel’s construction material, as this often determines its durability. Also, consider the construction material of the water hose.

Next, check if it’s manual or automatic. If you’re a newbie, it’s advised that you go with automatic because it’s easier. Also, consider the length and breadth of the water hose and how it will fit into the reel.

3. Different types of garden hose reels exist

Time changes everything. As years go by, there are newer and better garden hose reel innovations that spring up. Nowadays, there are both manual and automatic models.

Some are very portable and handy, while others run on four wheels and are for people who water gardens commercially. You can also go for hose reel carts that come with storage shelves or table-like designs. It can also be portable.

There is the stationery one, often made of metal or plastic. These types can also be concealed in box-like storage systems.

Some hose reels are also aesthetically pleasing.

4. Garden hoses make your space neater

If you’ve not had a reason to get a garden hose reel before now, here is one. Hoses lying loose around the house makes the space disorganized. It doesn’t matter the make and how expensive the product looks.

It creates unnecessary clutter.

A garden hose reel makes it more presentable. Plus, it prevents unnecessary accidents from occuring, especially if you have kids.


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