engraved necklace
engraved necklace

Personalised jewellery is becoming more and more popular because it helps cherish sweet memories easier and it doesn’t matter if you choose an engraved necklace or an engraved bracelet or even some other piece of jewellery such as a Russian ring necklace or even a multiple name necklace because all of these will be much appreciated and always fashionable plus it’s easy to find a UK engraved necklace so you don’t have to worry that you will spend hours looking for that one perfect piece of jewellery.

engraved necklace

1. The beauty of a personalised bar engraved necklace

Personalised bar necklace is an amazing choice for ladies who prefer simplicity and yet want to look stylish. This necklace can represent a perfect present for women who prefer casual look as you can combine them with trainers and flat shoes as well. What’s more, this can also be an ideal family necklace for mum because you can get the necklace engraved with children’s names.

If you are looking for an anniversary present for your girlfriend or boyfriend, personalised bar necklaces could as well be a perfect choice because they are unisex and discrete so you can keep your love quote as a secret still and away from the curious eyes of your friends and family. You can get these necklaces in gold, rose gold and sterling silver.

2. The elegance of Russian ring engraved necklace

If personalised bar necklaces are too simple for you and you still think that they will not be enough to show your affection and love openly, then take a look at a Russian ring necklace. It is elegant and can make your special lady look just as elegant and attractive, but what’s even more important is the fact that you can still hold onto the memories by engraving the rings.

engraved necklace

This can be a perfect engraved family necklace for mum especially with the upcoming Mother’s Day and you don’t have to worry that the rings will be too small to engrave what you had in mind because you can add as many rings as possible. What’s even more interesting is that you can choose whether you want to buy personalised necklace sterling silver, gold, and rose gold or even a mix of the three to make the chosen necklace even more unique.

3. The love behind a heart shaped necklace

If you are looking for an engraved necklace for her – that one special lady in your life, your significant other, then a heart shaped engraved necklace could be a perfect present as she will have something to remind her of your love and of your relationship. There are plenty of interesting interlocking heart necklaces but personalised photo necklaces are becoming popular because beside the photo you can add a love message or a famous love quote in order to make the necklace even more unique.

engraved necklace


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