To build a team of champions you need a lot of money. Like it or not, that’s what much of today’s football is nowadays. We’ve seen that with a bunch of teams across all football major leagues: the English Premier League, the Spanish Primera, the Italian Calcio, The French Ligue 1, The German Bundesliga, and so on.

At the same time, much of that is replicated in FIFA FUT 20. You simply can’t go around the fact that you need coins to be competitive at the highest possible level.

Earning a decent amount of coins just by playing and trading smart is simply not enough when you don’t have many coins to start with.

We can help you skyrocket your FIFA FUT 20 career, even if your initial coin base is light.

We present it to you…our shortcut

The only way to truly jumpstarts your FIFA FUT 20 career is if you buy FUT coins. Everything else includes grinding day and night to earn coins and that takes a lot of time.

On the other hand, by spending some money, your path to glory will be way easier.

Now, is this fully legal? Well, of course not. But at the same time, this is done by pretty much everyone interested in creating a competitive team. The EA officially doesn’t approve it, but buying FUT coins is so widespread, that even they are pretty much helpless about it.

Why buy FIFA FUT coins?

This wonderful game is all about constantly playing, smart trading, winning and making all the right moves. But to get into a winning mode you need a good team. The extra coins will help you reinforce your team so that it is easier for you to win games and make good trades. Experienced players know this all too well and why it matters to start strong as opposed to constant grinding to get to the top.

The main point is the grind and smart play can’t come to fruition without the initial kick. In this case, the extra coins will help you reinforce your team.

After you buy coins

Once you got your coins in your war chest, the real excitement starts. That’s when you can consider yourself and your team armed and daring. That’s when your managerial skills and intelligence can come to light and bring you victories, and of course more coins.

But once you buy coins, there are a few hacks and strategies that can help you earn more coins. Here is a list of some of the most effective ones:

  • Take advantage of squad building challenges (SBCs). There is a lot of rewards and coins that can be earned there easily and quickly.
  • Complete as many season objectives as you can. Many of those objectives include coin-based rewards.
  • Take advantage of anything you can. From time to time, there are bonuses for doing all sorts of things, often not related to trading or playing. For example, there is an Occasional Login Bonus. That means you will get coins just for logging on the FIFA FUT 20 app.
  • Participate in Squad Battles.
  • Player sniping is always there to make coins. This is about locating undervalued players and selling them for more coins later when their price goes up.
  • Follow the trends. That will give you an insight into what’s coming next and what will be considered as “hot merchandise”.

Other than all that, it is super important that you don’t waste your hard-earned coins. Save your coins for later stages of your FIFA 20 career.



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