Anyone who has suffered from a blister in the midst of a hiking adventure can ascertain that socks are crucial gears not to overlook. However, choosing the best socks for your hiking activity can be a daunting venture. You need to be aware of some of the existing socks factories across the globe which offers the best products. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing the best socks which can serve you for the desired period. Below are guidelines to choose the best socks.

Guidelines to Choose the Best Socks-Factors to Consider When Purchasing Socks

Guidelines to Choose the Best Socks
Guidelines to Choose the Best Socks
  • Always consider the Weight and Thickness of the Socks

It should be noted that the thickness can determine the socks cushioning elements. Thick socks are warm and are the best choice during winter. Choosing heavyweight socks can be the best options especially if you are not hiking or running.

But, hiking in summer will need you to experiment with the different types of socks in the market. Some people prefer thick socks while others prefer light socks due to sweating. However, thick socks will ensure that you do not get any blisters when hiking. For long hikes, it is advisable you choose spare socks of different weight.

  • The Socks Height

Whether hiking, running or in the office, different sock heights are used. They range from the small-size types to the knee-reaching designs. It is essential to go for the right height, which you desire. Your footwear will also determine the kind of socks you may need. Shoe cuffs can determine the type of socks-height you should choose. Lastly, your in/outdoor activities can also determine the socks height of you will select from any socks factory.

  • The Fabric Materials Used

In most cases, socks are not made using one type of fabric. Factories tend to blend various fabrics to balance the warmth, comfort, fast-drying and durability component. The socks you choose might be made of several materials such as:

  • Polyester: this is a synthetic material which wicks moisture, insulates and dries very fast. Polyester is mostly blended with wools to create great comfort, warmth, and quick drying.
  • Wool: this is considered the most prevalent material in the socks manufacturing companies. Wool is known for its ability to regulate temperature and keep you warm.
  • Nylon: some factories also use this incredible fabric in the making of socks to ensure that they are durable and suitable for warm keeping.
  • Consider Socks Fitness

Choosing socks on the bases of how they fit you is never an option in any way. Great socks must be able to fit in the best way without cramping your toes. The socks heel must also fit snugly without folding or causing any friction. Friction or wrinkling can cause blisters.

Guidelines to Choose the Best Socks
Guidelines to Choose the Best Socks


Just like shoes choosing, socks must be chosen with a lot of considerations. The above factors are a few, but they will help you in making the right product choice when buying from any factory. Get the best style and color. Proper socks choice will ensure you always walk, run, and hike with comfort.


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