The 613 HD lace wig is a beautiful wig to own. The best merit about it is that you can get it in several colors, such as the 613 blonde wig. Furthermore, the 613 HD lace wig can be worn in both formal and informal settings. Thus, it is a very convenient wig to own. If you are interested in purchasing the 613 HD lace wig, here are six questions to ask.

Six essential questions to ask before you purchase a 613 HD lace wig

1. What is the quality of the wig?

Currently, there are many manufacturers and sellers for wigs online. Therefore, before you make any purchase, it is essential to inquire about quality. Low-quality hair will not serve you for an extended period. Therefore, ensure to inquire about the quality of the wig before making any payment. High-quality wigs with proper maintenance can give you service for a long life span. Therefore, prove to be a worthwhile investment.

2. Can the wig be bleached and dyed?

Sometimes you may wish to change the color of the wig while still maintaining the new fresh look. Therefore, it is essential to inquire whether you can bleach the hair without destroying the wig before making any purchase. Thus, if you intend to dye or bleach a wig at the end of the day, it is crucial to make sure that it allows for bleaching and dying.

3. What size is available?

The wig size is usually in terms of head size and the hair’s length. Too tight wigs can cause damage to your natural hair, and too big sized can cause the wig to fall off easily. Therefore, before you make a payment, it is crucial to inquire about the head sizes available. In addition, it is essential to ask about the hair length available. The hair length present should match what you need.

4. What is the hair material used?

Hair material can either be human hair or synthetic hair. Therefore, the type of wig you need should match the hair material you require. Thus, it is crucial to inquire about the hair material used before making any purchase.

5. What is the base material?

For the 613 HD lace wig, the base material usually used is the HD Swiss lace. But you should note that the base material plays a crucial role in the quality of your wig. Thus, it would be best to inquire about the base material used before you make any purchase.

6. Does it present a natural hairline?

The main reason why human hair is trendy is that it resembles natural hair. Some of the 613 HD lace wigs usually are pre-plucked, thus presenting a natural-looking hairline with baby hair. Therefore, if you wish to have a natural-seeming hairline on your wig, it would be best to inquire whether the wig will present a natural hairline on your wig.


Buying the right type of wig that meets your entire requirement is very crucial. A good wig can ensure you not only look fabulous but also help make you feel confident. Therefore, it is essential to ask the proper type of questions when making a purchase. The right questions asked can ensure you get a good investment from your wig.


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