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A notebook can come in the creative form of a notepad, drawing pad, writing pad, or legal pad. Its primary purpose is the recording of notes, writing, scrapbooking, or drawing. Also, in modern times, the personalized online notebook concept has been digitized to provide a more convenient outlet for people.

An online notebook is a simplified digital tool that takes good advantage of being digital. It is also functional and great for taking and saving notes. It offers a lot of benefits, including assisting with organization, retention, and increased productivity.

More so, this digital notebook can be customized using different themed backgrounds, fonts, and highlight features to match your taste. It also comes with several tools, including editing, categorizing, picture uploads, voice recordings, and options for sharing your thoughts with others. This is convenient for most people as they spend more time with their phones, laptops, and other technological devices.

Besides, this online workspace acts like a word processor and a place for storing articles or other write-ups. Moreover, with this resource, your notes can easily be synchronized on your different devices. Searching through these notebooks is also really easy.

Although some people prefer to use hardcover notebooks like those found on Zigpac, their digital counterparts have come to stay. This is because digital notebooks can be used in so many ways – quite easily. Most of these notebooks can also be used offline, while some other store entries in an online drive.

Creative Ways of Using an Online Notebook

Many people have digital devices with excellent notebook applications, but still, do not know how to make a personalized creative notebook. Well, there are a whole lot of ideas you can incorporate in your notebook. Here are some very inspiring ways to use an online notebook.

Turn the online notebook into a diary

One of the best ways to use your notebook is by writing at least a sentence in it every day. It is a good thing this notebook is online and can be passworded and hidden from curious eyes. Hence, you can make it an outlet for pouring out your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and so much more.

Just write whatever you like in it as you do with Zigpac’s eco elastic strap journal notebook. With time, writing in it will get easier, and you will fill up pages in a day.

Online Notebook

Use it as a music journal

Music lovers and enthusiasts who enjoyed using hardcover music notebooks will find it easy to use its digital version. You can write in your notebook a comprehensive list of your favorite songs, songwriters, instrumentalists, DJs, and artists. You can also take advantage of this notebook being digital to group your songs according to their genre or artist.

You can make a list of the artists you listened to live, and interesting ways different songs affected your life. Facts about your favorite artists as well as song lyrics can also be written in your notebook.

Make a scrapbook or photo journal out of an online notebook

Interestingly, this notebook is digital so you can add pictures just like you do with the Zigpac notebooks you love. You can easily copy photos from your phone or laptop and paste them in your notebook. Then, you can tag the picture or write something that relates to it on the page.

Moreover, this can be done on most pages in an organized and creative manner. It is easier and cheaper doing this in an online notebook than it is when using a hardcover scrapbook.

Online Notebook 2019

Turn it into a password online notebook

In a world where there are many online hackers, it is unsafe to use the same password on different websites. Remembering all these passwords can be difficult, hence the need to write it down somewhere safe. Therefore, an online notebook is a perfect place to write down usernames and passwords for every website you visit.

Travel journal

If you are someone who travels a lot, you can write the names of the places you visited in your notebook. There is a lot of personalized notebooks online where you can include maps to track places you have been to. Also, you can further personalize this notebook by adding weather information during the time you visited, and pictures, of course.

Prayer Journal

Also, more religious people can use this digital resource to write down prayers for a better relationship with God. With this prayer journal, you can keep track of prayers that have been answered and those that haven’t been answered. You will quickly discover just how good God has been to you over time by doing this.


Remember those kawaii sticky notes by Zigpac you often used for your to-do list? You can have something similar in digital form, and attach an alarm notification to it. Stay organized while on the move with this digital notebook in your cellphone or laptop.

personalize Online Notebook


Sure, if you love to try out new recipes, you can do so on your notebook. Much like your lined notebooks on Zigpac, you can type in recipes you have tried out and those you haven’t. You can also have your meal plan documented in your notebook, so you follow it wherever you go.

Dream online notebook

Also, if you are someone who forgets his or her dreams barely five minutes after waking up, try writing it down. Writing your dreams down in your device’s notebook can help you remember your dreams and keep track of patterns. With personalized digital notebooks, you can quickly type your dreams into your phone’s notebook without searching for a pen and paper.

Use it for your creative writing or poetry

Another way or method on how to make a creative notebook includes for poetry use. It is easier to write down poetries or creative stories in a device you use often. Besides, you never can tell what will ignite a poem or the storyline of a novel. Having a digital notebook with you at any place or time creativity hits you could make all the difference.


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