Statistics reveal that people tend to remember brands more because of promotions. That is how much power notebooks promotional marketing carries.

With branded notebooks marketing (know more), you can build your brand to become a formidable force. In this post, we will take a look at why you should employ branding with notebooks to grow your brand.

Designing your notebooks for promotional marketing

There are several factors you need to consider when designing a branded notebook. The design will determine the results you will get from your notebook’s promotional marketing.

Choosing colors – The color of the notebook should match that which represents your brand. Every brand has a color or set of colors that speak about it. Take a look at the biggest brands in the world, you can identify each with a specific color. To ensure that your branded notebooks’ marketing campaign achieves the expected results, pick the right colors.

Attractive design – If your design is not attractive, then your branding with notebooks is a waste. These notebooks are to represent you anywhere they are found. The quality of the design speaks volumes about your company, make it count.

Adding business details – It will be pointless if you have designed notebooks without adding your business details. Ensure that your business details are added to each book. The details include your business name, logo, address, phone number, social media handles, etc.

The number of pages – How many pages do you want to have in the books? This is basically affected by the need of the user. What this implies is that you need to know what your customers want. You can design a notebook to suit their purposes. The number of pages also has a link to the size of the book. An A4 notebook, for example, has fewer pages that an A5 notebook.


Notebooks and brand promotional marketing

When you take a look at the current business environment, you’d notice that it is very dynamic. It changes almost at a per second rate. To keep up, you must know the latest trends and be able to adapt.

One of the latest trends in marketing is notebooks promotional marketing. The question is why should you switch to branded notebooks marketing? This is what we attempt to answer in this section. Check out some of the reasons below:

Using notebooks for your branding promotional marketing has potential

Branding with notebooks has become a major weapon of brand promotion these days. The potential that fills this method of promotion is unlimited. This method of branding is so potent, statistics say they make up to 6000 impressions in a lifetime.

This means that if you get it right, 100 notebooks could get you up to 600000 impressions. Isn’t that almost free publicity when you consider how much it costs to produce them in bulk?

These books convey the message of your business in style and they add some class to it. It actually just depends on how you design the notebooks. The better the design, the more impressions, and the better the results ultimately.


Here are a few tips you could add to your notebooks:

  • Belly bands – This band is usually temporary and it is a good way to highlight events or dates. The good thing is that after the event, the book is still useful since you can just remove the band.
  • Covers – You can take advantage of the back and front covers to do amazing artwork that will capture gazes. Play with your product, logo, and business name on the front cover. You can use the inner cover to pass information about your contact details.
  • Page inserts – Use these either in front or behind, just before the cover to pass more detailed pieces of information. They are best used at conferences or events to present the agenda to attendees.

Notebooks may never go out of fashion

Technology has presented us with several ways of scribbling down ideas like smartphones, computers, pads, etc. Despite all of these, many people still prefer writing down their ideas in notebooks. This is why notebooks’ promotional marketing will always be potent.

A notebook will always be a welcome gift and they can be used quite a number of times. Branded notebooks marketing is potent enough to reach everyone because we all love to receive notebooks.

They help us organize our daily activities and are the best way to maintain reminders. At the end of each day, some of us like to scribble down how our day went. Notebooks will help us achieve that very easily. By the way, using notebooks have a positive effect on our brain and cognitive processes.


Notebooks stand the test of time

This is one of the best reasons why anyone should switch to branding with notebooks. Statistics have shown that people tend to hold onto promotional items for at least one year. When it comes to notebooks, it may end up being way longer, depending on the user.

Their lifespan is almost endless, in fact, some people create whole libraries using their notebooks. Your clients can carry these notebooks around as they go for meetings and conferences. What this does for your brand is to attract prospects, especially if your design is catchy.

To take make your clients use them more, try out bespoke designs. The possibilities are truly limitless, it all depends on how far you are ready to go.

Notebooks help with meeting green goals

The world is going green due to the climate issues that are becoming more alarming by the day. As a way of showing that you care about the environment, you can engage in branded notebooks marketing.

Paper is renewable and natural and since it can be recycled, the paper is great for promotions. You can also make use of leather covers to achieve your green goals. This way, every part of your notebook is recyclable.



You truly cannot overlook the potency of notebooks’ promotional marketing. Make the switch to branding with notebooks and watch your numbers soar. As we have said earlier, the possibilities are endless, it all depends on how far you are willing to go. If you have any demand for custom notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.



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