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Investing in a good PC battery is imperative in ensuring you always have power for your laptop. With the current technological investment, getting a high-quality Batterieprofessionnel Batterie PC Portable is relatively easy. However, as PC battery does not come cheap, taking steps to extend the useful life of your battery are important. Below are 5 main steps you can take to avoid damaging your PC battery.

  • Balance Pc Battery Power Options

With every new
battery, ensure that you take a keen interest in the laptop’s power management
features. The power management feature is under “Power Options” in the control
panel and has specs that are designed to save energy. Don’t assume the default
settings are correct for your specific use and adjust it according to your
needs. Doing so protects your laptop from a constant energy drain that hurts
your laptop battery life.

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  • Protect
    Your PC Battery From Overheating

Aim to keep your
PC battery in the room
temperature range. Take note of the surrounding temperature and avoid storing
it in tight non-breathable spaces, especially in hot weather. Gauge the correct
battery temperatures with your body temperature. If you’re feeling hot, then
your laptop battery has the same effect. Do this even for the laptop battery backup that
you have stored away to protect it from overheating.

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  • Clean
    Your PC Battery Cooling Vent

To ensure that
your laptop battery is working at peak performance, sufficient cooling is
needed to extend PC
battery life. Avoid blocking the cooling vents of your laptop to ensure
the fan works effectively overheating, which can destroy any laptop battery. Clean
out any debris from the cooling fan and protect it from insect infestation. Aim
to use your laptop in a cool and flat surface and not on your lap or on top of
blankets keeping the vents clear and working at its optimum best.

  • Clean
    Your PC Battery Metal Contacts

As most laptops
have a removable battery, moisture and dust can make their way inside the
battery casing. To avoid reduced performance, periodically clean the metal
contacts. Remove the battery and using a dry cloth and some alcohol, clean out the
metal prongs of both the laptop and the battery. Doing so enables PC battery charge transfer
to be as effective as possible.  

removable PC battery

  • Avoid
    Dropping Your PC Battery

As most PC batteries are lithium-ion
batteries, the technology used is an intricate design that is susceptible to
damage. To work at its optimum best, protect your PC battery from hard hits
like falls, which affects the battery contacts. As external trauma also leads
to electron damage, it causes a significant reduction in useful life, rendering
the battery useless.


Having invested
in high-quality Batterieprofessionne Batteries, ensure you take care of it to
extend its useful life. Keep an eye on your PC battery health and note any adjustments you can
make to extend its longevity and get the best value for your money.


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