4 suspension of motorcycle (1)

Motorcycles can be defined as an open-seated vehicle with two wheels that is motor-powered. There are several different types of bikes on the market, and they are categorized depending on their features and their uses. Various brands manufacture different kinds of motorcycles. However, motorcycle manufacturers are limited to a few first worlds and second world countries.

This means that most nations import all bike parts and assemble them. For this to be made possible, some companies are fully dedicated to the manufacture and sale of motorcycle accessories and parts. For instance, Tarazon is one of the leading providers of motorcycle parts in Harley Davidson. In this post, we discuss the said parts of a motorcycle.

Components of a motorcycle 

  1. The frame

The frame is the most visible part of a motorcycle. It is made from aluminum or steel that is welded. Typically, the rear of the frame is suspended. Complex brands may use magnesium or titanium on their frames. These types of bikes are, however, more costly than their counterparts. The frame also includes a head tube on which the front fork is held, allowing it to pivot.

4 frame of motorcycle

  1. The suspension

This is the part of the motorcycle on which the wheels are connected. Standard bikes feature a front and a rear suspension. The front suspension is constructed inside the front fork (a telescoping tube). On the other hand, the rear suspension is built to support the swingarm (the part that holds the rear wheel’s axle).

  1. Wheels

Motorcycles feature two wheels. The wheels (front and rear) are powered by a motor (engine) and built to withstand the weight of the bikes. The front wheel is held using a front fork, which also allows the rider to steer the wheel. The two wheels are held in place and rotate around a part known as the axle.

4 wheel of motorcycle (1)

  1. Engine

Most, if not all, types of motorcycles are powered by traditional internal combustion engines that use gasoline.

On the other hand, a few bikes the likes of scooters use electricity-powered engines. The power of the engine, however, differs from one type of motorcycle to another. For instance, sports bikes have higher engine power than standard motorcycles. There are also different types of engines designed by different brands.

  1. The brake pedal

This is the part of the bike that allows the riders to stop the wheels from moving. The pedals work by locking the wheels, which hinders them from moving.

  1. The oil tank

As the name suggests, the oil tank is the part where oil is stored. Different types and brands of motorcycles feature differently sized motorcycles. For instance, touring bikes have larger oil tanks because of their purpose.

Bottom Line 

Motorcycles have several parts, both small and large. From the frames and engines that are larger to the throttle and air filters, all these parts have unique functions and are all critical. The parts are also available in varying qualities depending on the manufacturer, with the higher quality parts being more costly.


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