Many prefer an airpot rather than a thermos bottle to keep their coffee hot. One of the reasons is that airpot is more convenient, especially when you need to carry it elsewhere. Airpot manufacturers use insulation to maintain the temperature required. It can keep your coffee and other beverages hot for several hours without tainting the flavor.

What is a coffee airpot?

The term airpot refers to pump-style dispensers, and you usually see them in coffee shops. You can also use it to keep the water, cider, and chocolate hot. Serving coffee from the airpot is easy, simply hold a cup under the spigot and then press either a lever or a button. You can prepare your favorite coffee in a large pot and pour it into the airpot. If you need to bring hot water as you travel, the airpot is a good container to keep it hot for hours.

Different features you should consider

You don’t just buy the first airpot you see. There are factors or features that you need to consider before purchasing.

Lever versus Push Button Airpots

There are elements that you need to consider when choosing an airpot. You can decide between a lever and push-button airpot. The push-button model has a bigger button on its cover that you can press down to dispense coffee. The lever airpot, on the other hand, has a top handle when depressed, dispenses the coffee.

Stainless Steel versus Glass Liner

Airpot has either stainless steel or glass liner. Airpot with glass liners are more reliable in keeping your drinks hot and are much cheaper, but it breaks easily. The stainless-steel liners, on the other hand, are expensive and tend to cool down the beverages faster but are more durable.

You can check out some reviews and look for the best coffee airpot supplier, so you will not get frustrated when buying. These airpots are also available in various colors and sizes.

Advantages of Using Airpot

Restaurants, coffee shops, diners, catered events, or convenience stores have airpot coffee makers. These establishments need to have one or two in their business to provide hot beverages the consumers may buy. Below are some of the reasons why you need to choose one for your business:

Coffee airpots will keep the coffee and other drinks hot and keep its taste for a longer period than a decanter.

The tool is easy to carry as it is very portable and can be positioned on any flat surface.

It does not require a warmer, and thus, it saves space in your dining room or kitchen.

Spilling your coffee or other beverages is less likely because it has closed tops. Thus, it prevents accidental pouring of drinks to your guests or servers. Also, it prevents dirt or debris from getting into your coffee.

Some airpot can brew your coffee directly, or you can pour your coffee from the coffee maker on it to keep it hot longer.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to buy the expensive one. Some are made of quality materials but are priced reasonably. However, for those who can afford to purchase the more expensive one, you should check on the features first and decide if it is worth buying or not.


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