Recent studies have shown that it is important to wear face masks whenever in public. In fact, they have even been found to be helpful in curbing the spread of infectious diseases such as coronavirus. As you know, people can spread this disease even when they are asymptomatic. Therefore, wearing a mask not only protects you but also helps protect other people.

The face mask also provides you a given level of protection depending on the type you use. Remember that there is no mask that can provide you full protection. Therefore, they should not be used to replace social distancing, avoiding crowds, and regular hand-washing. Whenever you combine the masks with these measures, you can help curb the spread of coronavirus.

When selecting a face mask, you should focus on fabrics, breathability, and fit. The way the mask is made and how it seals the face determine how well a Face Mask can protect you. However, if you cannot breathe well, then there are minimal chances of keeping it on.

You need to know the various types of face masks you should purchase and their effectiveness at protecting the persons around you.

Fabric Masks

In this case, you ought to consider the fabric used. Remember that the tightness of the weave is quite important. In fact, that is what you should look into. When checking the fabric, ensure you hold it up to the light, and if it is easy to see the outline of individual fibers, then it is not a great filter.

Some experts argue that a tight weave made of 100% cotton is recommended. That is because, at the microscopic level, natural fibers tend to have a 3D structure as compared to the synthetic fibers that are smoother. Ideally, the 3D structure creates many roadblocks to stop incoming particles. In any case, a synthetic fiber mask is better than not wearing a face mask at all.

Another thing to consider when choosing face masks is the multiple thick layers. That is because a mask that is made of different layers is more effective when it comes to blocking the small particles. The best option is to make a mask that is made of different layers. Polypropylene is an effective filter but has other benefits. It can easily hold an electrostatic charge. When you compare it with different materials, polypropylene maintains its electrostatic charge.

Medical Masks

N95 respirators are meant to create a tight seal around your mouth and nose. When you wear it as required, it can block more than 95% of the airborne particles. In fact, respirators are perfect at protecting both you and the persons around you. The main reason they are quite effective is that they are made of multiple layers of polypropylene fibers that use electrostatic energy to trap outgoing and incoming droplets and particles. Since N95 respirators are in short supply, they should be reserved for the first responders and health care workers.

The surgical masks can be worn around the face. At the beginning of the pandemic, they were in short supply. Nowadays, they are readily available and help protect large splashes or droplets in the air.


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