4. Wireless Security Cameras (2)

In the past, sophisticated wireless outdoor security cameras coupled with facial recognition systems were strictly reserved for high-profile businesses and wealthy homeowners. High-profile companies used sirens.

Wealthy homeowners were also not left behind. Today, the global market is quickly evolving into giving more affordable home security cameras. A wireless home security camera system is a considerable investment that you can make when it comes to ensuring the safety of your household. But they are available in different brands.

How will you know which one is the best to purchase? When you are inclined to make a viable decision regarding the purchase of a wireless home security camera, then you need to think of a way to narrow down the right camera to purchase.

It would help if you also found out which brand is right for your home needs. Some of the elements you need to weigh in on include practical concerns such as the process of powering, the mounting of the device, its specifications as well as features. You also need to consider the perks of the features and their controls.

Let us take a quick overview of some of the leading brands of wireless security cameras.

  1. Lynx Solar Outdoor Wireless Camera

This is a solar-powered wireless outdoor security camera. You only require one sunny day for it to power up. It comes with an intelligent facial recognition which allows you to select the character your camera needs to recognize.

4. Wireless Security Cameras (1)

You may not be aware of the fact that Tend’s facial recognition isn’t available in various states. For that reason, before you purchase the gadget, you should have a brief review of the countries where this camera is readily available for storage.

  1. Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera

This camera is wire-free. It does not come with any power cords or wiring hassles. It has a 1080 HD high-quality video that comes with sharper as well as brighter details. This can be coupled with flexible powering options which use a wire-free plugin.

  1. Canary Security Camera

Canary security camera has a viable siren coupled with environmental sensors. The designers packed sufficient security features into the Wi-Fi camera to enhance its quality, specifically for various home insurance discounts. The All-In-One security camera can also sense fire from a distance. Well, of course, just as with any product on the market, you could be wondering if this security camera allows you to known if someone is in your neighborhood. Yes, it does. It has a clear vision to help you with that.

  1. YI Home Camera

YI Home Camera has a cute design. It makes most homeowners think of the R2-D2. This camera allows you to easily keep in touch not just with kids but the pets as well. It has an anti-noise filter, which makes it easy for you to listen to baby’s cries coupled with chats around your home.


All security cameras are pretty much vulnerable to hacking. But you can always enhance your security to keep the hackers out. Almost all the cameras we have in our retail stores support encryption. This implies that the information streamed from these cameras such as videos specifically for your kids will be protected from any form of prying eyes.


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