A retractable hose reel is used to store or keep a hose. It might be made from fiberglass, plastic, or cylindrical metal. The basic reason for getting the hose reel is to prevent the hose from getting tangled. However, there are other core reasons why you should get a retractable garden hose reel. Also, there is also an issue of type as hose reels come in manual, automatic, or electrical types as seen at https://giraffetools.com/products/retractable-garden-hose-reel. Not to worry, this article discusses the importance of retractable hose reels. But before jumping into the mix, here are 3 types of hose reels you don’t want to miss out on.

Types of Hose Reel

There are mainly three types of hose reels. These include:

  • Spring Retractable

Here, tension is put on the spring, as the hose is being pulled. The tension in the spring allows the hose to be drawn. However, as the hose is being pulled, the tension in the spring makes it difficult to pull.

  • Manual Rewind

A handle attached to the reel is turned in this type of hose reel. Each turn causes a turn on the hose, and so on. This type of reel is very economical. However, it is energy and time-consuming.

  • Motor-Driven

As the name implies, these reels only work when there is electric power. It uses electricity to put the garden hose in place.

Now, that we have seen the three types of Garden Hose Reels, these are some reasons to get one.
Benefits of the Retractable Garden Hose Reel

  • Safety: A hose reel ensures safety, as a tangled hose lying around could cause minor accidents.
  • Performance increase: Using a hose reel makes allocating liquid much easier. You could do more with less time.
  • Effective: Retractable hose reels provide the effective storage of your garden hose.
  • Prevents leakage: A hose reel prevents leakage, reducing the loss of resources.
  • Prevents tear: It protects the hose and enhances its life span. It shields the hose from the sun and tear.
  • Organization: Retractable garden hose reels reduce disarray in your garden. Your garden hose will be neatly kept, not lying around on the grass.
  • Conducive: You do not have to spend time rolling the hose whenever you are done watering. Retractable garden hose reels help you conserve that energy.
  • Decoration: It doubles as a decorative element and beautifies your garden with its simple designs and neutral colors.
  • Portability: Retractable garden hose reels are portable. Some have wheels for easy movement.
  • Click-lock Mechanism: Simply pull the hose to wherever you want to use it, and the retractable garden hose reel locks the hose into place without knotting. When you are done watering, with a light tug, the retractable garden hose reel retrieves the hose without knotting.
  • Maneuverability: The retractable garden hose reel comes in different sizes so the hose can reach anywhere in your garden, even while mounted on the wall.
  • Various spray nozzles: Some retractable garden hose reels come with varieties of spray nozzles. There is vertical, angle, center, soaker, mist, flat, clone, rinse and shower nozzles. Offering you options to choose from.

Wrapping Up

Retractable garden hose reels are one of those creations to ease your life. Your garden can be safer, prettier and healthier with a retractable garden hose reel. Now that you know the benefits of a retractable garden hose reel, you should consider getting one.


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