An active part of a white dentition is the toothpaste you use. Using just any toothpaste you find is no different from using none. In this article, we shall extensively discuss the types of toothpaste you could find and which one best suits your needs.

Types of toothpaste

There are several types of toothpaste but it is entirely up to you to decide which you will use. Types of toothpaste include:

Whitening Toothpaste; There are several tubes of toothpaste out there that contain teeth whitening ingredients. Although they are not as effective as teeth whitening methods, they do a great deal in removing surface stains. If you have sensitive teeth, you should avoid this type of toothpaste as it contains ingredients that will make your teeth sensitive.

Fluoride toothpaste; This is one of the most common toothpaste you will find in the market. The active ingredient, fluoride, strengthens the enamel of your teeth and supplies minerals to teeth with small amounts of decay.

Sensitivity Toothpaste; This kind of toothpaste is made especially for people with sensitive teeth. Its active ingredient blocks microscopic holes in your teeth that lead to sensitivity. Do not worry when the toothpaste does not take immediate effect. It could take up to four weeks before you start noticing changes in your teeth.

Smoker’s Toothpaste; As the name implies, this toothpaste is specifically for smokers. Unlike regular fluoride toothpaste, the smoker’s toothpaste has stronger abrasives to remove the dark stains that are usually a given for heavy tobacco users. Yes, this means you could use tobacco and have a clean dentition.

Children’s Toothpaste; Excess fluoride intake is not best for children. For this reason, children’s toothpaste contains a lesser amount of fluoride than adult toothpaste. No doubt, the teeth of an adult are much stronger than that of a child. As a result, children’s toothpaste has a much lower amount of abrasives. Toothpaste manufacturers do this to prevent sensitivity in the teeth of your children.

Tartar Toothpaste; Have you ever heard of tartar? Well, there is a toothpaste just for it. What is tartar? Here, we do not refer to the tasty goodness in the form of tartar sauce. Tartar here refers to the effect of the hardening of a plaque. A plaque could result from naturally occurring mouth bacteria mixing in with food remnants. With this combination on your teeth, you could suffer from tooth decay.

Although the best solution to your tartar problem lies in visiting the dentist’s office for a dental cleaning, you could rely on a tartar control toothpaste. Tartar control toothpaste contains chemicals that prevent plaques from building up and solidifying on your teeth.

Herbal Toothpaste; Here’s something for our herb lovers. If you do not like all those chemical components of other toothpaste, you should go for herbal toothpaste. In choosing one of these, you should go for something with at least a little fluoride in it.

Wrapping Up

Finding a toothpaste that is just right for you is quite a mighty task. Rather than go through all that stress, you could get your custom toothpaste made by toothpaste manufacturers. With your very own custom toothpaste, you get to decide on its size, flavor, and whatever other formulation you would like. With custom-made toothpaste, you can have your toothpaste as portable as you want.


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