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A phone that is continuously in use gets drained off its charge quickly. It is, therefore, essential to have a power bank. There are different types of power banks, and some are not legit. But, you can be sure purchasing a power bank from ainope will be fulfilling.

Luckily, ainope customer service surpasses the usual calls. You can be assured your queries will be dealt with satisfactorily and politely before or after purchasing a product from them. Nonetheless, it is essential to identify particular factors before buying any ainope power bank. Here are tips to consider when buying a power bank.

  • Portability

An ideal power bank should have an average weight of your smartphone. If it’s excessively heavy, you won’t find the need of carrying it around. What’s more, is the need for a power bank if it is not conveniently portable? Also, it should be easy to pack the power bank. An ideal power bank should fit in a purse.

  • mAh Capacity of the power bank

The mAh capacity of any power is an essential factor to consider? Why? The power capacity will determine how long you will use the power bank before it runs out. For example, ainope 10000mah power bank can charge a 2500mah phone three times before you recharge the power bank. But, if you need to charge the phone more times, you will need a power bank with a higher mAh capacity.

  • Number Of available Ports On The Power Bank

When choosing ainope power bank, you don’t have to overthink about the number of ports on it. It is okay for a power bank to have five USB ports but are they necessary? Two USB ports are ideal for a power bank. There is no need to overload the power bank with devices. This doesn’t mean it can’t handle many devices, but the point is not to overshoot. Buy a power bank that fulfills your needs.

ainope power bank in hand
  • Charging Input And Output

How fast does your phone get fully charged? Some phones accept varying voltage level, so consider purchasing a power bank that has a higher output and can charge your phone at its optimal speed or can accept varying current voltage.

Also, put into account the input rate of the power bank. If you want to buy ainope 20000mah power bank, you will need an input rate of above 5v otherwise the power bank will take longer before it is fully recharged.

  • Warranty

Most power banks survive during the warranty period, but it is essential to choose a device that has a warrant in case it gets faulty. One year warranty is a considerable period for a power bank. Ask for a user guide alongside the warrant.

  • Protection For Both Your Phone And The Power Bank

A low-quality power bank will never last long and can as well spoil your phone. Therefore, choose a power bank that is certified to protect your phone from overcharging, short circuits, and overvoltage. Otherwise, you risk losing both your phone and the power bank.

Wrap Up Investing in a quality electronic device ensures it serves you well for a long time. Also, the device you wish to invest in should be available so if you need a power bank, visit ainope website, and look through various power banks available on the site. Browse through their page and find what other products they offer.


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