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Magnetic Tiles for Kids, like other magnetic toys, come in a variety of models and sizes. Each model is created, keeping in mind the ages of the kids that are to play with the toys. For instance, toddlers and kids below the age of four would do well with broad and rounded models. The reason why this is so is that the kids cannot swallow or injure themselves with such models. The smaller and more complex designs are made for older kids. Therefore, these toys are suitable for kids of all ages, including adults. Magnetic toys are most suited for babies and toddlers because they tend to be more fun and enticing to the kids.

Ways kids can play with magnetic toys

  1. Experimentation

Magnetic toys like building tiles are the best items with which kids can experiment. For instance, most kids get excited over the fact that the magnets stick onto surfaces. They may also realize that there are some surfaces on which the magnetic toys do not stick. This leads to curiosity, which leads kids to conduct experiments. Parents can use these toys to foster experiments mainly aimed at differentiating metals from other materials. Some may refer to such experiments and classification and sorting games.

  1. Learning games 

Magnetic blocks and other constructing toys are essential to the education of young kids. Some magnetic toys are specially designed to foster learning. For instance, plastic numbers and letters with magnets embedded in them. Parents can use these toys to help kids learn word construction, reading, and color coordination. Magnetic building blocks can also be used to teach kids such aspects as shapes, sizes, and colors. Other educational games that kids can play using magnetic toys include the formation of patterns. Parents can encourage kids to form patterns using magnets by getting them to copy already created patterns. This is a fun way to foster learning at home.

  1. Construction games 

The primary role of building blocks, whether magnetic or not, is to foster creativity. This is because kids can construct all sorts of items using the blocks. Some of these items include castles, vehicles, bridges, and other items. Constructing such features using magnetic building blocks is more fun than other kinds of building blocks. The reason why this is so is that they are easier to connect.

Caution when kids are playing with magnetic toys

Magnetic toys are mostly constructed of wood or plastic. However, a small-sized magnet is attached to the wood or plastic to foster the magnetic properties of the toys. As kids play with these toys, there are chances that the magnets can get loose and fall off the rest of the toy or block. Kids, mostly toddlers, may end up swallowing these magnets. Therefore, if your kid is playing with such toys, make sure to watch out for such incidences.


When choosing toys for kids, it is always important to consider the age of the kids. Make sure that the materials from which the toys are constructed are also free from dangerous chemicals that may cause kids harm. The materials also have to be strong enough to withstand constant friction and impact.



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