Whether you use your Cannabis sativa or its derivatives for recreational or medical purposes, there is one thing everyone hates. Those who “vape” will agree that it is extremely discomforting when your cartridge bails on you. The benefits of a good and trusted cartridge cannot be underestimated. When a pen dies on you most times you are left stranded. Because let us face it, no one plans to have a dead pen while vaping.

But unfortunately, there are a lot of instances of pens suddenly dying on the owners. If you are unfortunate to be the unsuspecting owner, you often do one of two things. You could either give up on the entire cartridge. Or, you try to salvage whatever you can from the dead cartridge. Well, the solution to this particular problem is here. The Liberty V9 cartridge has many more benefits than people give it credit for.

Introduction to the Liberty V9 cartridge

The Liberty V9 cartridge is one of the very best options (if not the best) for refilling. As a cartridge, it is designed to be used for vaping. Vaping involves the use of Cannabidiol oils (CBD oils) or oils of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC oils).

The airflow of the cartridge can be considered as top airflow. Not only that, but the refilling capabilities of the Liberty V9 cartridge can be trusted.

most cartridges require a form of dilution before use. This means that if the oil is excessively viscous, you cannot vape on it. You need to dilute it before your typical cartridge can work with it. but you do not need to worry about this with the Liberty V9 cartridge. this is because it is designed to carry al forms of oils. Regardless of the viscosity of the oil, the Liberty V9 cartridge can most likely work it. This specific ability is also has a peculiar economic advantage. “How?”, you might ask.

Well, recall that your regular cartridge cannot work with highly viscous oils. Hence, you need to purchase top quality thinners as well, to make the cartridge last a bit longer. With the Liberty V9 cartridge, there is no need for unnecessary expenses. instead of purchasing thinners, you could save a few bucks.

The capacity of the Liberty V9 cartridge is up to 0.5ml. It uses a vertical ceramic coil. The Liberty V9 cartridge is also compatible with your regular VMOD battery.

but one of the most vital benefits of the Liberty V9 cartridge is that it is not easily disposed of. This means that while other types of cartridge might require disposing of the whole thing or attempting to salvage what you can, the Liberty V9 cartridge does not. If the pen dies, worry not. All you need to do is to change out the mouthpiece stem with a new one. Then you wait for it to properly set in for about 12 to 24 hours. After which your pen becomes as good as new and you are good to go.


So, do not spend unnecessary fund always changing your regular cartridge. instead, go for Liberty V9 cartridge and save yourself a lot of time.



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