container home

In the last decade, container homes have become more popular. They are used for homes, diners, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Container homes began to gain popularity in the US after Peter DeMaria designed the first two-storied container house.

As a container builder, constructing a home using shipping containers can be fascinating and exciting as well. Although, it might come with some challenges here and there which might be tasking the overall process is quite interesting. It is a rewarding feeling as a builder to see what you can do with shipping containers.

As a container builder, to make these homes as fascinating as you have imagined, there are some things you should consider;

Container sizes differ

There are different types of containers and so they come in different sizes. The traditional or standard size is about 8ft tall but other shipping containers are higher than that. Other than the size you should also consider the condition of the container before purchasing it.

Building Regulation and planning laws

As a container home builder, you should be familiar with the building regulation and planning laws of the area the container home should be located. You do not want a possible disaster where you might have to pull down your house because you did not obey the building regulations of the area. Meet with the local planning office and be sure to investigate the building regulation of that area.

Make sure to choose your insulation wisely

Container houses are a lot different from the regular house. They often require insulation else, they would be blazing hot in the summer and freezing cold in winter. When insulating, it is advisable to consider the weather conditions of the location to make a wise choice of insulation materials. There are different types of insulation and as a container home builder, you should know which is appropriate for the house you are building.

Minimize cutting

Cutting should be kept at its barest minimum. Although, shipping containers are made from steel cutting them would reduce their strength thus making them weak. So while designing, its best you reduce the number of times you have to cut.

Keep welding at its barest minimum

Designing steel containers to your desired taste requires some form of welding but as a container builder, it is your job to minimize welding. This is to save costs and to ensure you stay within the budget.

Do not forget the weather condition of the area

Although, steel containers have been built to withstand harsh weather conditions it is still important to consider the weather condition of the area while building. Check if it is a windy area or characterized by heavy rains or hurricanes which might eventually lead to flooding. The weather condition might determine a lot of things such as materials you use on the exterior, painting, and all. To withstand heavy rainfall, you need a very good quality of paint.

As container home builders, we take all this into consideration when building the perfect container house.



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