rooftop tent

A roof top tent is a convenient way to go camping. It is easy to set up, occupies less space and you can go camping at any time of the year.

So, if you are thinking of buying a roof top tent, here are a few things you should look into.

Is The Tent Suitable For Your Vehicle?

Different RTTs are suitable for different vehicles. Here you will need to check the specks of your vehicle, of the tent and rack.

The most important thing to consider is the dynamic weight limit of your car. How much weight can your vehicle carry while in motion?

The tent should not exceed the dynamic weight of your car. Luckily, most tents weigh below the dynamic weight as they measure between 110 to 165 pounds. Most cars have a dynamic weight limit of 165 lbs. Check your driver’s manual for information.

The static weight limit is the maximum weight that your car can hold on its roof when not moving. This is more than the dynamic weight limit. Actually, since the figure is not given, you should multiply the dynamic weight limit by 5. That’s why your car will hold more weight in the tent when it is not moving.

Just note these numbers so that you don’t overload your car.

Also, when buying the roof top tent, ensure it is compatible with your roof rack load capacity. You don’t want to buy a tent too heavy that it will crush the roof rack. Some rack brands have more load capacities and can be used on heavy tents provided you don’t exceed the dynamic weight limit of your vehicle.

What Other Additional Features Do You Need?

A basic roof tent has sleeping space for a given number of occupants plus sleeping gears. For example, you can find a tent that can accommodate two people. However, you may prefer other additional features such as annexes.

Some models have options for awnings and annexes such that you can extend the tent later. So if you think you shall need extra space later on, then go for RTTs with annexes option.


How durable do you need your tent? Normally, roof top tents are made using durable materials. However, if you intend to go to an extreme climate for a long duration, you should opt for more rugged models that can withstand the climate.

It is also possible to find brands with all-mesh canopies.

The type of durability you require of the RTT will depend on your camping needs. You can go for hard-shelled or soft-shelled roof top tents.

A durable tent means that it is made using high-quality cotton or canvas, aluminum, and stainless steel. The seams should be water-proofed, double-stitched, and weatherproofed.

The fabric should be PU coated, has UV protection, water proof and mold resistant.  It should have a sturdy frame and the ladder should be strong, adjustable and made of aluminum. The mattress should be high-density thick foam.

Your Budget

A roof top tent can be as cheap as $500 and as expensive as $5500. When making your purchase, go for the best tent that fits your budget. Assess your needs, research and buy the best.

For example, do you want a hard-shelled RTT with a capacity of three people or a soft-shelled that can accommodate four people? Research various brands, check out their reviews and choose from the best.



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