Laptops are the most popular type of computer on the market. Their popularity can be attributed to their portability and convenience. That said, laptop batteries are an essential component of the machine. There are several laptop brands in the market, each with unique battery specs and requirements like dell battery. In this post, we look at the dos and don’ts when replacing a laptop battery.

Tips to determine the type of laptop battery you need

Buying a laptop battery is not a challenge because several dealers are easy to find online and offline. The challenging part is finding the exact type of laptop battery your device needs. Below are some tips that could make the process less challenging;

1.Determine your exact battery model number

When looking for a laptop battery replacement, the first thing you need to do is search your battery model number. If you own a removable laptop battery, it should be easy because the laptop battery model number is usually written on the batter’s sticker or compartment. The number is typically written in bold letters and larger font. This makes it easy to find it amidst the several writings on the sticker. Note, you must find the exact model number so that your new laptop battery can be compatible with your machine.

2.Use your laptop make and model

In addition to your battery’s model number, other important details you need are the laptop make and model. You can find this information out by Googling your laptop brand and model with the word battery at the end. You should be able to find a few articles describing the type of battery your laptop needs. Note that you don’t need to do this if you already have the laptop model number. This is necessary for people with laptops that have inbuilt batteries.

3.Use your laptop make and battery model number to look up the battery

Before you can start looking at third party laptop battery dealers, the first place you should check is the manufacturer’s website. Most manufacturers provide descriptions of the batteries that they use on their devices. This should be easy because all you need to do is enter your machine’s particular model on the website.

Sometimes, you may not find a specific model because it may no longer be on the market. If you happen to encounter this issue, then the next right thing to do is contact customer care. Note that you should get links to dealers that carry the exact product when you search the laptop battery model on the internet.

Choosing the best replacement battery dealer

There are several laptop battery dealers on the market. When choosing the best one, consider the following features:

  • Experience
  • Variety
  • Reputation and customer reviews
  • Quality
  • Link to the original manufacturer


The best place to get a laptop battery replacement would be from the original manufacturer. However, it is sometimes challenging to do this because the manufacturers will take you through a long, cumbersome process. Therefore, there isn’t a rule against getting a laptop battery from a third-party dealer.


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