Good quality jewellery like those on bildkette enhances your overall look by blending or contrasting it with your outfit. Knowing how to style jewellery is something most people struggle to do. Some over accessorize such that you don’t know where to look and the person seems tacky. Failing to pick the correct type of jewellery and styling it well are among the first mistakes people make. In this extract, we discuss common jewellery mistakes we should avoid.

Common Jewellery Mistake We Should Avoid

High-quality jewellery is not cheap. It’s essential to spend money on what suits you best. The following are some of the mistakes made;

1. Choosing Jewellery That Doesn’t Fit Your Neckline

We buy necklaces because they look good and fail to consider any other factor beyond that. Necklaces come in various styles: small, big, short, or long. Choose the type that fits your neck best. Short chains are suitable for people with long necks, while long ones create the illusion of length for those with short necks.

2. Ill-Fitting Jewellery

Not every piece of jewellery is meant for you; some are either too big or too small. Know your size before buying, especially rings. Buying rings from online shops is tricky, unlike physical stores where you can walk in for a fitting. If a bracelet or necklace doesn’t fit right, buy extenders to give you additional length.

Another major factor leading to ill-fitting jewellery is your skin tone. Always refer to your skin before purchasing any piece to ensure they match. Warm skin tones match yellow-toned metals like brass and gold, while a cool tone goes well with colored metals. Neutral tones work well with white and yellow metals.

3. Over Accessorizing

Wearing too many jewellery pieces at once shows an imbalance between them and your outfit. Wear few pieces that compliment each other and distribute them throughout the body. Multiple chains can only work if their colors and design match and portray simplicity.

You can also wear a complex chain with a simple one or wear either a statement piece on your neck or one with a huge pendant. Avoid putting on bracelets and a watch in one hand. Wear them separately on either hand or get rid of one entirely.

4. Bad Cleaning Methods

Specific jewellery tends to be worn daily or regularly; hence germs, dirt, and grime accumulate over time. Improper cleaning or not cleaning at all causes them to tarnish and lose their luster. Jewellery cleaning varies depending on the metal used. Some materials need to be washed with soap and water, while those with grime and tarnish need special treatment. Clean regularly to keep the accessories beautiful.

5. Poor Storage

Proper storing keeps jewellery looking new and intact. Don’t place all of them in one place since constant rubbing against each other causes them to chip or form scratches. Some metals are affected by humidity, causing them to tarnish fast. Hang all necklaces on hooks, and remember to dust them regularly. Get a jewellerry box with sections to prevent tangling, scratches, and limit the flow of air.


Good styling of jewellery boosts your appearance and confidence. Proper cleaning and maintenance keep the pieces looking good and makes them last longer.


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