While having an electric toothbrush isn’t compulsory, you must understand that a ton of electric toothbrush manufacturers produce them to help clean your teeth; they tend to work better than your regular toothbrush.

Is there an obvious difference between a manual and an electric toothbrush? Which of them is safer to use, especially for kids? If you want clear answers to your questions, keep scrolling to find out:

Differences Between Manual and Electric Toothbrush

Here are a few notable differences that exist between an electric and manual toothbrush:

1. Price

When it comes to the cost of purchase, manual toothbrushes are more affordable, coupled with their easy accessibility. This also depends on the specific brand you’re purchasing, its grip, and a host of other important features that make an enjoyable oral care regime.

That can be said for electric toothbrushes as they are quite expensive, depending on their settings, total amount of brush heads, and model.

2. Pressure

While using a manual toothbrush, the amount of pressure you get on your teeth and gums highly depends on your grip. You can always adjust when you feel there’s a need to.

However, this can’t be achieved with an electric toothbrush. That’s because there’s no way to adjust the toothbrush to fit into your preference. If the pressure is too high on the teeth, the enamel mag begins to wear out and this can cause pain and oversensitivity on the teeth and gums.

3. Portability

It’s easier to pack manual toothbrushes when you’re traveling for a business or with family. While the electric toothbrush can also be portable, you still need to pack different brush heads and chargers for them.

4. Mode of Usage

Since manual toothbrushes come in much simpler designs, you can trust to find them easy to use. They come in the ideal sizes and lengths; ones you wouldn’t have issues with.

Electric toothbrushes are only ideal for people who do not have to move around often. There’s no definite structure for it. While they can be heavier on hands, they do most of the brushing for you; you do not have to apply any form of force during usage.

5. Better and Safer for Kids

Most kids do not love to brush their teeth, and so you need to always force them. For this purpose, you can choose the electric toothbrush as the best alternative. Unlike a manual toothbrush, kids find them attractive and would want to always explore with them. So to enable your kids to achieve overall dental care, use an electric toothbrush to form the habit.

Final Thoughts

In all, you need to understand that manual toothbrushes have been in use for many years, as it’s the standard out of the two. They have been repeatedly tested and proven to be effective over time. You can also control and maneuver them easily with your hands. Electric toothbrushes, on the other hand, are powered by a battery and can be recharged. Through their rotation and vibration, plaque and tartar can be effectively removed from your teeth. Your preference for either of them depends on what you want to achieve in your oral health.


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