Cleaning a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine and its accessories is vital. Since it helps in breathing by increasing air pressure within the throat, so the airway doesn’t collapse, whatever you inhale, if harmful, can negatively affect you. Molds, bacteria, and viruses may breed if proper cleaning and sterilization are not done. The daily cpap sterilization equipment is available in most stores and comes in different forms depending on the brand, model, and functionality. We expound on the types of CPAP cleaning and sterilizing equipment below.

Types of CPAP Cleaning and Sterilizing Equipment

We will discuss three types of CPAP cleaning machines: SoClean 2, Sleep8, and Lumin, plus their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Clyn Machine

Among all CPAP cleaning machines, it’s the smallest and uses activated oxygen to disinfect CPAP machines. It completes more than 8 rounds of cleaning when fully charged and is compatible with all CPAP machines. Place all accessories inside and turn it on by pressing a button. After the cleaning cycle is complete, the machine will automatically turn off. No chemicals or water are used and it kills 99.9% of all germs and pathogens.

2. SoClean 2 Machine

It is a popular type of CPAP. It’s easy to use because disassembly of parts is not necessary and operates as it is. Sterilization takes place all through the CPAP machine, from the mask, hose to the water reservoir compartment. SoClean 2 machine doesn’t incorporate water but instead uses natural ozone or activated oxygen which is entirely safe to sterilize your machine.

After using the CPAP machine, prewash it in readiness for placing in the cleaning equipment. Put it in the SoClean 2 chamber, and it will automatically pump the oxygen inside it to get rid of all harmful bacteria. It is a quick procedure that lasts a few minutes then leave it to sit for approximately 2 hours before using it again. SoClean 2 needs a change in filters every six months to keep functioning well and in good condition.

3. Sleep8 Machine

It is similar to SoClean 2 in that they both use ozone to sterilize or disinfect the CPAP machines. This type is smaller than others resulting in a more extended cleaning period of about an hour. However, its small profile is also a great advantage since it light and portable. It’s the perfect piece to carry along when traveling if you need to carry your CPAP machine with you.

Sleep8 cleaning machine is cordless and comes with a standard USB charger. The machine can sustain two rounds of cleaning, and once the charge is depleted, it takes roughly an hour and a half to charge till full.

4. Lumin Machine

Like the other two, no water is used in the cleaning process. It uses ultraviolet light, available in a high-powered form. Before placing the machine or parts of it into the cleaning chamber, prewash or wipe down all parts, put them in the chamber, press the ‘on’ button to start the machine, and cleaning starts. The process takes 5 minutes and rids off 99% of all contaminants. The Lumin machine is can also be used to disinfect other items like glasses, toothbrushes, and hearing aids. The cost of maintenance is low or non-existent, considering no parts need to be replaced.

Bottom Line

CPAP cleaning equipment is one of the essential items a patient with sleep apnea can own. Proper cleaning reduces the development of secondary illnesses like pneumonia that result from bacteria inhalation. Identify the ideal brand for you and consider the maintenance costs, pros, and cons.


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