Everyone wishes to have lots of Twitter followers. Brands use all forms of promotional materials to attract an audience that can boost their Twitter followership. They often ask social media influencers questions like, “how many Twitter followers do you have?”.

Even though we all know that the number of Twitter followers is a vanity metric and does not in any way influence or describe the quality of content you put out, we also know that the number of Twitter followers shows people that you put out content that people like and can relate to. So, the question is, how can you grow your Twitter followers?

Several proven methods and steps can help boost your Twitter followers. This article will enumerate some, in no particular order.


Let’s go

How to grow your Twitter Followers

1. Tweet often

This is the greatest rule of them all. You can’t compete on any social media platform if you don’t give consistent content. People come online to consume information, and your feed has to be the first they should consider when they’re looking for the type of information that you provide.

Experts recommend that you tweet sensibly at least 10 times a day. Now, you may be wondering, “how can I tweet that many times in a day? What am I going to tweet about?” There are endless opportunities to fill up your content calendar if you’re smart.

It doesn’t mean you should do nothing all day except tweeting, but it means that you should share regular information on your feed at least 10 times every day. Like relevant posts, retweet important and related information from industry experts, and comment responsibly under these tweets.

2. Use hashtags

Hashtags can’t be overemphasized. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand the power that hashtags harness. Statistics have shown that tweets with hashtags get 12.6% more engagement than those without.

Why won’t you take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity?

Using hashtags is a simple way of helping people find and follow your account. Plus, it takes a few seconds to use them.

3. Have an inviting profile

Your Twitter profile and bio should be exciting. This is the first thing people look at when they visit your feed, so it has to draw their attention. If you’re running an open account, use the right pictures for your AVI and cover picture.

Your Twitter bio has to draw their audience and make them want to click the follow button. Your pinned tweet should also be reflective of what your account is all about.

4. Be a Master of Engagement

This is related to the first tip given above. You have to learn to reply to tweets like a pro, giving credible replies to information, or present yourself in a manner that will make people see you as a thought leader in that field.

Learn to tag people. If you have an opinion that someone (preferably with a large following) can relate to, do well to tag them on your posts. Finally, send a DM to people you look up to and create a connection.


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