Everyone is a superstar. Our readers, even more so. However, bringing out the inner superstar at times requires assistance. To that effect, wigs are occasionally used. However, selecting perfect human hair wigs for your inner star is not always easy.

In selecting the perfect human hair wig, what factors should be considered? In this article, more light will be shed on that question and many more.

Top Tips to Getting the Perfect Human Hair Wig

Going for the human hair wig over the synthetic alternative is a wise decision. This is because well, quite simply the former has a more natural feel. If catered for properly, the human hair wig could be style in numerous ways. When angling for the perfect human hair wig, there are few considerations.

1. Source of the Wig

First, one has to consider the source of the wig. Finding a decent human hair wig vendor is the first step. This vendor could be online or in an actual store. Both sources have their benefits and restrictions.

Online stores allow more options and variety than physical stores. Unfortunately, what is obtained from the online store might not be what was expected. This is why it is vital to check for trustworthy online vendors. These stores usually have transparent return/ refund policies. Not to mentions lots of customer reviews.

While the actual stores allow one to purchase a more fitted wig. But the restriction on variety will always be there.

2. Does it Fit?

Once a trusted source has been gotten, the next step will be the fitting. Do not, under any circumstances use a wig that is constricting. It would be best to use a snug-fitting wig. The wig should feel just right when it is put on. It might sound weird, but one should be able to pull off a wig without much stress.

But when a person needs to bend and carefully pull the edges before taking off a wig, well. It just is not right. However, the wig should not be so loose that it will be moving about when worn.

3. Shape of Face

Selecting the perfect human hair wig takes face shape into consideration. Most faces could be classified as oval, round, square, heart, long, or diamond-shaped. So find what category best fits as well as the corresponding dos and don`ts. This will go a long way in avoiding certain “rookie mistakes”.

Well, no wig on its own is a hundred percent perfect. It is very rare to unbox a wig that fits perfectly. Most times, your hairdresser might need to make slight modifications. The best one can do is find a wig that will require the least degree of modification.

This way, there is less stress on the hairdresser. Most importantly, the integrity and natural feel of the wig will be maintained.

4. Good maintenance

Last but not least, always take care of the wig. Comb and straighten it out (according to the style) regularly.


These tips are just some basic tips for getting the perfect human hair wig. The most important factor is more intrinsic, confidence. Wear it confidently.


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