In the fast-paced world of high fashion, lockets rank among the most personal items to give to a loved one. These items have been around for centuries and remain as romantic as when they were first introduced. The sheer variety of locket designs available means you will never lack for choice when picking the right locket for the occasion. Combined with Ineffabless kette mit foto, lockets make for a trendy look. Let’s focus on how to select the right photo for your locket.

A history of lockets

Lockets are mainly unique and attractive pendants worn around the neck. They are adaptable and can be worn as charms attached to bracelets. The majority of lockets come with hinges that contain secret spaces inside. You can easily place locks of hair or even personal photos in these spaces.

Conventional history states that lockets first appeared as an inspiration from talismans and amulets. The very first lockets were used to transport perfumes, medicines, and various other objects and items.

As the popularity of lockets spread, they were used as prized mementos containing select photos of loved ones. They came in handy when one was notably missing a loved one. Many people also used lockets as mourning jewelry to remember loved ones who had passed away.

Modern lockets evolved from the ones in the Victorian era and have cycled in and out of popular fashion. However, after World War 2, lockets lost popularity and slowly became considered antiquated fashion choices. Recent times have seen the reemergence of lockets as viable fashion accessories, especially among celebrities.

The most popular lockets are rather feminine and feature hearts, intricate designs, and sophisticated, romantic motifs. However, there are lockets explicitly crafted for men and feature designs in gold, sterling silver, and etchings such as world maps.

How to select the best photos for your locket

The first thing you have to consider is who the locket is for. This includes current loved ones and those who have passed away. Once one has established the who, the idea for the right photo is not a problem. Ideally, the right picture requires scaling down and cutting to retain its shape. This is how to pick the right locket photos for your needs:

  1. If the target photo holds two or more people, then a larger locket is called for. Scaling down an image should not lead to losing the details of the picture.
  2. Group photos of loved ones should be squeezed together tightly. Cutting this type of image is subsequently easier.
  3. Today, it is relatively easy to find suitable mobile and desktop apps for resizing photos to the right shape. One should utilize such apps to get the locket photo right.
  4. Locket photos should have the proper resolution as well. Random images downloaded off the Internet from sites such as Facebook and Instagram usually have low quality and can present blurry details.


There are few, if any, rules for wearing lockets. They are uniquely suited to anyone with interest in them. Lockets invoke nostalgia and romance in the wearer.


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