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Leather refers to a material made from the skin of animals via a tanning process. The technique for making leather significantly dates back to the ancient era when man started making this material using hides not just for shelter, but other uses as well. Initially, the entire manufacturing process took one year. Through the years, the tanning process, and technique, which softened the leather, improved. The required period for manufacturing also shortened.

At the same time, humans embraced various applications of leather, including, upholstery, which refers to the main four pieces of furniture, including the padding, springs, the material covering it, and the cushions.  In this blog post, when we state leather upholstery, we’re referring to the material covering. We also focus more on why leather holsters are important for your phone. And as with any other upholstery material, the leather upholstery determines how your phone looks. It may also determine its cost.

Although by nature, there are several types of leather present in the market, there are three main essential types:

  • Pure Aniline Leather

You have probably been fooled by the moments largely marked by a special looking type of wine bottle- a brand that you thought would be extraordinary! This moment has probably been worth sharing with loved ones, so is leather. This material can surprise you given its fancy ways. Aniline is one such leather material. It is manufactured using soluble dyes that do not cover the surface with the insoluble pigments. Usually, the finished product retains the surface of the animal skin from which it came, its visible pores, as well as scars.

  • Semi-aniline Leather

Just as pure aniline, this type of leather material often undergoes an extensive dying process. The major and only difference is that its surface is coated using a thin layer of various insoluble pigments. While it may also look less natural as compared to its counterpart, aniline leather, it is still a perfect option of phone case material given that it’s more durable.

  • Pigmented Leather

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This leather material is coated with a resin layer known as polyurethane. The coating makes it more durable compared to other leather type materials. It also undergoes a major dying process. In fact, all too often, this dying process makes the coating stronger than other leather materials. The material could also be split or bonded, where the particles are bonded together using special glue.

Leather has been dominating the manufacturing industry. For years, it has been the best material for making various commercial products such as cases, bags, as well as shoes. Although this material is currently being used for these and additional purposes, it has also become less prominent because of the rise of synthetic materials such as TPU, Acrylic, as well as Fabric.

Leather has also become a popular material used to manufacture mobile covers as well as cases. The covers look elegant and classy. Read additional pros of leather phone cases in the paragraphs below:

  • Great Shock Absorber– spills and falls are some of the unfortunate events that may spoil your pricey phone. If you have ever lost your grip and ended up watching helplessly as your phone fell on the ground, then you know how vital it is to protect your device. A leather mobile cover is an excellent shock absorber. It will protect your phone from the imposed damages the floor and other rough surfaces may cause.
  • The Extra Compartments– Just as wallets are usually made up of the leather material; genuine leather phone cases have additional compartments used to store money as well as credit cards.
  • Easy To Clean – Leather phone cases are easy to clean. Other than that, they barely collect dust like the common phone case materials such as silicone.

In Closing

If you have the chance to check out a few cases before you purchase, then we highly recommend doing so. Besides, it is always important to get that hands-on-feel. It may also be a great idea to purchase several leather phone cases for various occasions. Getting a pure aniline leather case could be the way to go for that hiking expedition.

 Leather Holsters (2)


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