Lolita dress

When you are choosing Lolita fashion, choosing high-quality clothes plays a large part in your completed look.  However, whether you are choosing punk, gothic, or sweet Lolita dresses, you need to look beyond cute dresses to be a true Lolita girl. To effectively do this, take into consideration the type of makeup, shoes, and hair as they also play a part. To help you do this, below are some less known rules about Lolita fashion that you should keep in mind.

  • Lolita Fashion And Makeup

Whether you want to wear makeup or skip it altogether is a personal choice. Ideally, no one can force you to wear makeup, even when it comes to Decora fashion. However, over the past few years, it has become increasingly hard to notice a Lolita girl that isn’t wearing makeup. Usually, makeup gives you a clean, sophisticated, completed look that can rarely be achieved having a bare face. Nonetheless, even though make-up isn’t a must in most Lolita styles, it is a vital part of Gothic and Sweet Lolita.

  • Lolita Fashion Encompasses All Body Sizes

One thing that is common with people who are embracing a Lolita lifestyle is that many of them are naturally skinny. Unfortunately, this has given the misconception that anyone that wants to delve in Brolita fashion has to be skeleton-like. Fortunately, this isn’t true, as even plus-sized women can join in this subculture. However, just as with regular everyday fashion clothing, everyone should aim to find the right type of clothes for their body size. Tricks that seem helpful include the use of a belt, purchasing dresses with empire waist and contrasting the color schemes of the blouse or skirt you wear to break continuity.

  • Lolita Fashion Blouses

When choosing blouses for any Brolita fashion, one element to emphasize on is that of modesty. Even though you might be tempted to go with current trends that allow the show of skin, covering up arms and bust area is an integral part of this fashion. Overall, make it a point to select blouses that have a great balance of ruffles, frills, and lace to enhance the design.

  • Lolita Fashion Is A Lifestyle Change

When considering various Lolita style fashion, an essential factor that you should keep in mind that it is more than just choosing clothes is selecting the type of shoes, how to do your hair, and the kind of makeup to apply is needed. Additionally,  to portray an innocent look that is the core principle of the Lolita Japanese fashion subculture, you are expected to behave in a certain way. For this reason, you will have to learn the various aspect of Lolita lifestyle like baking, drinking tea, theatre, and etiquette.

  • Lolita Fashion Accessories

Investing in several accessories is vital to have a completed Lolita Japanese street fashion look. Acceptable accessories include bags, stuffed animals, headgear, earrings, and the like. Note that even though more people are embracing the use of animal ears in this everyday fashion, true Lolita fashion doesn’t have this. Often cat or rabbit ears are used in cosmo play fashion, which is a different culture altogether.


To look great when delving into Lolita fashion, you need more than throw on some clothes. Try to analyze and learn the different Lolita styles to coordinate your outfits successfully. Take care when purchasing specific dresses like Gothic Lolita or sweet Lolita dresses as they have their own sets of rules. Overall, if you are still very new in this subculture, give yourself some breathing space and only embrace designs and styles that work with your personality for the ultimate comfort.


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