Are you a panda lover? Would you love to get close to pandas and care for them even for just one day? Then, several exciting tour programs can help you achieve this. Depending on the program, you can take pictures of them, feed them, watch them play and give birth to their young ones, and visit other fun places in China during your stay.

In this article, we will be looking at some china tour programs and discussing a few tips that will help you enjoy your time.

Panda Tour Programs

12 days China panda tour

This is a private tour that takes you to the hometown of Giant pandas. The price range is between $1821-$2935, depending on your hotel class, the number of days you’re staying, and the group size. During your stay, you will get to visit the Dijiangyan panda base, where you can hug the pandas, feed, and care for them. You also visit places like the ancient city wall, Muslim quarter, Tang Boo art museum, and Jiezi ancient town, among other sites.

Seven days panda volunteer tour

This tour allows you to have a panda volunteer experience. The first two days on this tour, you will visit the giant panda breeding center, the Dijiangyan panda base, Puzhao temple, and the Jinsha site museum. The remaining days are for you to gain volunteer experience in the Dijiangya panda base. You will feed the pandas, learn how to prepare their food, carry out panda feces analysis, and learn other interesting skills. Finally, you will be issued a panda volunteering certificate.

Other tour programs include:

  • 2-days Wolong baby panda nanny program tour
  • 4-days Wolong in-depth panda tour
  • 1-day Dujiangya panda keeper program tour

Tips for a successful panda tour

  • Dressing: Areas, where pandas are kept, are often wet and slippery, and in order not to fall, you are advised not to wear slippery footwear. As a panda volunteer, you might have to get dirty by cleaning their cages, carrying bamboo, and performing other physical tasks. So, try not to put on uncomfortable wears like shorts, skirts, and fitted outfits.
  • No strong perfumes: Pandas are very sensitive to smell. Therefore, avoid using strong fragrances, nail polish, or repellants if you are planning to get close to them.
  • Photo-taking: For some panda tour programs, taking pictures of the pandas is not for free. You may have to pay extra money to have a photo of the pandas. So, you should seek permission or at least confirm if there are restrictions concerning this aspect.
  • Do proper research on the tour program: Before paying for any tour program, make sure that you do your homework. Get all the necessary information about the program, including the price, places of visits, duration, other restrictions, and limitations. This way, you know what to expect and prepare yourself for a fun time.


A panda tour can be a fulfilling experience, depending on how you go about it. If you want to enjoy your trip, you need to plan it out properly. A panda tour is an excellent location for trips with friends and family.


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