HP laptop batteries offer power on the go and thereby permit the portability of the PCs. In little over a year of usage, even with moderate use, you may notice a decline in HP laptop batteries’ capacity. Several factors, like regular use, overcharging, unique design, and materials, can contribute to the lifespan of the HP laptop batteries. The batteries generally lose their ability to carry the PCs on their own in about 2-3 years or 500 charge cycles. hp-battery.com is a great place to get the proper replacement battery for your HP laptop.

How to Check Your Current Battery/ Indications for Replacement

Before getting a new battery, you need to know your current battery’s status. HP offers tools for checking the current battery’s performance. Your version of windows also affects battery performance. There are various methods for this:

  • Using HP hardware diagnostics
  • HP support assistant
  • Test the battery before start-up
  • Use battery health manager

You know you need a new battery when the current battery:

  • Is unrecognized by the PC
  • Loses autonomy
  • Overheats
  • Refuses to turn on
  • Loses considerable lifespan

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Replacement HP Battery

There are requirements to look through before selecting a replacement HP battery. If these factors are not met, a storm that may damage PC components may be purchased.

  • HP laptop Brand and Reference
  • Battery Manufacture Date
  • HP laptop Battery Voltage
  • Usually found on the body of the old battery or in the PC’s spec sheet or on the label of the original laptop case. It is generally expressed in volts (V). The normal range is usually 10.8V-14.4V.

It is unwise to use a voltage that was not recommended as it may damage your computer’s components.

HP Laptop Battery Capacity

This determines the battery life; that is, a higher capacity leads to longer battery life. It is expressed as milliampere hours (mAh) or Watt-hours (Wh). It is the amount of electricity supplied in one hour by a current of 1 amp. The average value is 4400 mAh.

Opting for a larger capacity of batteries may seem tempting, but comes at the price of increasing the batteries’ bulk and weight.

Removing the Battery from the HP Laptop

Depending on if it’s a:

Removable Battery: You pull or slide the latch(es) that may be found on the side or behind the battery.

Non-Removable Batteries: Make use of a screwdriver to remove all the screws. Care must be taken to avoid forcefully detaching the connecting cables. You can also call a professional if this seems too complicated.

How to Improve Your HP Battery Lifespan

  • Make use of the battery saver option
  • Turn off all wireless networks like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use
  • Keep screen brightness at the lowest convenient level
  • Please turn off the laptop instead of putting it to sleep when not in use
  • Avoid overcharging

Final Thought

A wide range of HP batteries is on the market. So, Proper steps must be taken to prevent damage caused by battery-PC mismatch and to prolong battery lifespan.


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