With a world dominated by social media platforms, every individual looking to purchase a phone, they have that picture-perfect image they’ll want to post online. Therefore, the quality of a given device’s camera becomes a major factor in determining what an individual takes home.

For that reason, Huawei’s multimedia, as well as camera technologies, have been the major talking points across the industry. Most users have found a reason to smile with huawei camerakit for several reasons.

Huawei Camera Kit Super Features

For instance, Huawei phones come with a camera that has a myriad of shooting modes. Moreover, it features an inbuilt AI-supported scene recognition function, which enables the user to explore every potential as a professional mobile photographer.

Also, it has a super night mode that’s arguably the brightness amongst the phone category, meaning the quality of the image produced is as clear as daylight. One doesn’t have to worry about the time of the day to take pictures, as you’re assured that you’ve got your back covered.

Another impressive thing with the Huawei camera kit is the fact that there’s a wide aperture and the HDR. They’re seemingly two features that bestow stunning effects to a seemingly ordinary scene (captured on a different device), turning it into an absolutely breathtaking landscape.

Interestingly, it has now been made available to third-party vendors who initially had no access to the prowess. Unlike in the past, when the app vendors could do only with their own cameras as well as native APIs in developing the apps, things have now been taken to the next level.

The Huawei camera kit provides the app vendors with almost everything they require with a powerful multimedia ecosystem that benefits users. Besides, the camera kit will be offering corresponding APIs going forward.

For now, it provides some set of APIs in the ADK, occupying below 100KB of space, but it features robust compatibility for not only fast but also direct invoking. Therefore, it allows the kit to be easily integrated as well as statically complied with the app.

Furthermore, all shooting modes in the camera kit, parameter adjustments, corresponding user actions, and image processing actions (like shutter pressing, previewing, analysis, and recording) have all been encapsulated.

For developers, everything has been made easier it will take approximately 2 hours integrating Huawei camera capabilities into an app. The process involved includes a five-step streamlined process.

Huawei Camera Shooting Modes

The best shooting modes that one gets in the Huawei camera kit include;

Wide aperture mode – it makes the subject prominent, whereby it blurs the background. Two meters is the optimal shooting distance from the subject, while the flash is disabled.

Front Camera HDR – it also supports video and selfie shooting. Additionally, it helps to ensure that all the details in the image are of the greatest quality without underexposure in a darker region or overexposure when in a brighter region.

There’s also slow-motion and super night shooting modes for app users thanks to the Huawei camera kit. It’s all about breathtaking photos within your palm.


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