power adapter
power adapter

The function of an AC/DC adapter is to convert electrical power from the main supply into small Direct Current (DC) Voltage that can be used in any device. For that reason, every device needs some specific power supply for it to operate well.  But, it is normal for electrical devices to wear out thus necessitating replacement. If you are planning to replace your AC/DC adapters by ordering them from www.gvepower.com, below are the essential Power adapter replacement tips you need to know about.

  • Check the AC/DC Adapter  Voltage (V)

Every electrical device can run on a specific amount of volts. For example, if your device was bought with an AC adapter 12v, do not change and get a 15V or 8V adapter. Consider replacing you spoilt adapter with one that is rated 12V like the one your device manufacturer used. Electrical devices are set to allow a minimal deviation from the estimated Voltage level. An excess in voltage will either cause your Radio, Laptop or desktop to overheat and in worst scenario blow off.

  • Consider your AC/DC Adapter  Polarity

Polarity in ac/dc adapters is identified using –ve and a +ve sign that is placed on the right-hand side. If the +ve side is on the right side, that means your adapter or device is of +ve polarity. If your adapter was initially indicated as +15V/8A, then you should replace it with an adapter that is rated +15V/8A; the volts plus the polarity must be the same. Failure to choose a power adapter with the right polarity rate will cause significant damage to your device.

power adapter
power adapter
  • Do not forget the AC/DC Adapter  Amperage

Amperage mostly denoted as mAh or A can be defined as the amount of power current that flows through an AC adapter. Every device as the amount of power current (A) needed to operate it. For that reason, the adapter to replace using must provide the amperage required to run that device. But, that does not mean you cannot use an AC/DC adapter with a higher amperage rating. A high mAh will not affect your device. All your device will do is draw the amount of mAh it needs and leaves the rest. Meaning, you can use a power adapter with ≥ the required device amperage rating.

  • The wattage of your AC/DC Adapter should not reduce

Wattage (watts) is defined as the amount of power available. To get wattage, you will have to multiply amperage by volts indicated on a power adapter. Actually, there are types of adapters you will meet written amperage but having omitted watts and vice versa. Similar to amperage, you can use an AC/DC adapter with double the watts needed by your device, and it will be okay. On the other hand, using an adapter that is 15x the amount of wattage required by your device can be absurd.

  • Choose an AC/DC Adapter  with the Same Plug Size as the Previous One

Your AC adapter target for replacement reason must be one that matches your spout adapter. Check the spoilt adapter’s plug outer diameter (OD) and an inner diameter (ID). The one that you are to purchase should marry with your previous adapter measurements to avoid defect issues. Always check the measurements and make sure they do match.

power adapter
power adapter


Simple cross-checks on essential named factors will ensure your electronic device sees its full life span. If you take note on the above factors, you can be sure GVE.com will sell you the best ac/dc adapter. All you need is to arm yourself with the right info, and you will get what best suits your device.


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