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You’ve been using your refrigerator for a while now, and then one morning you open its door and find the water filter light on. If such happens, you have to replace a fridge water filter. But you don’t know how to go about it? Maybe, you have replaced one before, but you had no idea why you choose that specific type you used. Below are tips on how to choose the best water filter.

  • Model of your refrigerator against that of the filter

Unfortunately, there is no universal water filter. The manufacturers have made sure you can only use compatible item that they have built for their refrigerators. Consider buying a fridge water filter that is of the same brand as that of your fridge.

The model of water filter may be different from that of the fridge even if it’s of the same brand. So, check the model of your fridge against the new water filter you’re about to purchase.

In case the model of the water filter is not compatible with the model of the fridge, then there will be leakage and fixing the same will be a problem.

  • Accreditation of the refrigerator water filter

The best-rated refrigerator water filter should be safe to use, perform accordingly, and should be of good quality. For a fridge to pass through certification, it has to have all the mentioned requirements. Nevertheless, you will find water filters that are faulty with the same brand name as yours.

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However, most countries have an organization that controls the quality of water filters. These organizations ensure that the water filters available in their markets are up to standard. For example, filters should have 42 and 53 standards.

In other words, the 42 principle means that the filter removes impurities leading to smell and a bad taste in the water. Standard 53 stands for harmful substances. A filter with a standard of 53, removes toxic chemicals from the water. Some filter will come with only one principle and therefore won’t work efficiently in terms of having clean water and good water. Consequently, the best-rated refrigerator water filter has to have both the 42 and 53 standards.

  • Cost of the water filter

A refrigerator water filter should get replaced every six months. With that in mind, buying a water filter every six months might be costly. Also, generic water filters for refrigerators are expensive as compared to the first water filter. Additionally, purchasing your refrigerator water filter online might be cheaper as compared to buying from stores. Nevertheless, you need to buy a filter within your budget.

  • Conclusion

A refrigerator water filter can either be used to dispense water or ice. It means you will have to replace the filter at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. It might be costly, but some home appliances are a continuous investment. Besides, replacing your refrigerator water filter ensures you have clean water. Lastly, we are sure you don’t want to deal with the dangers of not changing your fridge water filter pitcher.

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