Ring lights are a mandatory tool for photographers. They can be used in professional photoshoots or for leisure purposes like taking social media videos or doing makeup tutorials. Addbeautiful has some of the best ring light collections in the market. In this post, we discuss the various ring light types.

Types of ring lights

The market is packed with a wide range of ring lights which can get categorized into various types. The various categories are usually based on specific features and components of the ring lights. Below are some of these categories of ring lights;

Types of ring lights based on the type of light source

Ring lights can be categorized depending on the type of light source they provide. In this category, there are two types of ring lights;

1. Flash ring lights

These ring lights provide a flash type of light. They are usually ideal because they do not waste a lot of energy. This is because the flash only comes on when you click on record video or take a photo. However, they have one significant downside. You may have to take several pictures, adjusting the light before getting the correct light settings, especially the intensity and diffusion. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time getting the right light before you can start working.

2. Continuous ring lights

Continuous ring lights are a great option if you are using LEDs and you are not worried about issues like saving energy or the ring lights overheating. However, if you are using any other lighting technology, you may want to stay away from continuous ring lights. Instead, you can opt for their counterparts. They are a great option in terms of adjustments because you can adjust the light settings as you wish throughout your application.

Types of ring lights based on their lighting technology

The types of ring lights can also be categorized depending on the lighting technology applied. In this case, there are two types of ring lights;

1. LED ring lights

These are the best option when it comes to lighting technology. LED lights are by far more durable, they are cost-efficient, and they do not waste a lot of energy. It is also worth mentioning that LED ring lights do not overheat. For this reason, LED ring lights are more popular than their counterparts.

2. Fluorescent ring lights

These are the least popular of the two types in this category. They are often very bright hence making an ideal option in dark situations. However, they also have several shortcomings, like the amount of energy consumption and the fact that they often overheat.

Types of ring lights based on their structural elements

Ring lights can also be categorized depending on their structural elements. In this case, they can be categorized based on their length, whether they use a battery or they have to be plugged in when using them, the number of phones they can hold, and how they are applied.


Most of the time, when choosing a ring light, you have to consider elements like their length, the purpose for which you need it, and how easily you can use it. Such considerations will help determine whether the ring light you purchase is gonna serve you right.


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