As a gardener, a hose reel is one of the girafeetools¬†that will help you maintain your plant seedlings in the best possible ways. It helps to keep your space neat, this is why you should ensure that you buy the best type. That’s because when you visit stores around you, hose reels are displayed in different forms and you can’t afford to make a mistake during purchase.

Before buying hose reels, you are advised to ask for recommendations from experienced gardeners. This way, you get to understand certain important information you should know about a hose reel. Keep reading this piece to find out all that you should know.

What to Consider When Buying Hose Reels

The following are some of the important factors to have in mind to enable you to choose the best hose reels option:

1. Length

One of the first questions to ask yourself is “what is the exact length of the hose reel I want to purchase”. This is essential because the different hose Reels you would find in stores are made in different lengths. Because of this, you need to choose a hose reel that can make you feel satisfied and comfortable while you work in your garden. The length of the hose reel can be measured by thinking about the distance between the water spout to the far end part of your garden.

2. Durability

When you’ve arrived at the store or market, the next thing you should check for every hose reel shown to you is its tendency to stand the test of time. One thing you must understand is that the way the hose is constructed determines its strength and the number of years it may likely last.

In essence, check to see that the hose reel you’re about to purchase has a stronger construction. If you don’t consider this before buying, you may end up incurring severe waste of money.

3. Quality of Materials

The hose reel is to be used in your garden every day. This means that you need it to last for a longer period. The material should be of high quality and this is why the primary material that you can trust is the brass connector. As long as your hose reel was produced using this material, you can trust it to stand the test of time.

4. Cost

You must endeavor to make estimations on the price of hose Reels you would love to buy. If not, it may be nearly impossible to purchase one. This is why you should check out the price range of hose Reels before going into the market. Ideally, the hose reel you end up choosing should be affordable and fit your pocket size.


Above all, ensure to weigh the different options you have carefully before purchasing any brand of the hose reel. That’s mostly because each of them is designed to perform different functions at different points. This guide teaches you the top basics of knowing good hose reels as a beginner.


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