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Online shopping is a prevalent phenomenon in the world. It is also responsible for irresponsible purchases and expenditures. Many are times when clients go shopping online and cannot find products that meet their budgets. The solution to this issue can quickly be resolved using discount codes like Snuz Discount Codes UK on voucherarea. In this post, we discuss the types and benefits of discount codes.

Types of discount codes

There are three primary forms of promotional codes that store owners choose as marketing devices. They are;

  1. Public Codes

These are those codes that anyone in the general public can see and access. Usually, such codes are available even to first-time clients and those who have not made purchases from the stores yet. The main aim of such promotional or discount codes is to entice new customers to shop from the brand. It also works to help brands maintain the loyalty of the existing clients. Such codes can be used more than once with the same client or different ones.

  1. Private Codes

These codes are used by brands and stores to target a particular group of people. Such groups include loyal customers of the business and first-time shoppers. For instance, loyal shoppers can find such codes when they click submit order or purchase on a product. These codes aim to attract new customers and maintain loyal ones. These codes can be used several by the said targeted groups.

  1. Restricted Codes

Restricted codes are those discount codes that are targeted to a single user. Such codes can only be used once. The codes are issued for specific purposes. For instance, they can be used by brands as an apology to a particular client for delayed shipment of his product. The code can also be awarded to a client who makes a large purchase. Some brands also award these discount codes randomly. Therefore, restricted codes can be used for different purposes.

Benefits of discount codes

  • They help to attract new clients to e-commerce sites
  • They help to maintain the loyalty of longtime clients
  • They can be used by businesses to make amends for their mistakes that would otherwise cause clients to lose their trust in their products and services
  • Enterprises use these coupon codes as a means of analyzing the success of their promotional methods. By adding these coupons to the advertisements, businesses get to know the reach they have by analyzing the number of people who redeemed the used codes
  • Clients can also get the products of their choice at a lower price. This will, in turn, help to raise the revenue of the brand.


Using promotional coupons is the easiest way of attracting clients to make purchases. Most discount codes must be applied before an order is placed. Some are specific to a particular location. Most of these codes are also prone to expiry. Therefore, if you plan on using such a code, make sure to check that the code is still viable.



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