Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are hand-held flavored cigarettes inhaled by the user. The electronic gadget is designed to turn the flavored juice into vapor. This end-product is usually filled with nicotine to satiate the user’s appetite for such cravings. Over the years, suppliers of e-cigarettes have realized that consumers have unique preferences. Therefore, they created different types of electronic cigarettes. To learn more about the brands, just click here.

  • Disposable One-Piece Electronic Cigarettes

If you are switching from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, then disposable electronic cigarettes are the best option. Individuals inclined to stop smoking tobacco and go for a healthier option can also indulge in this. Disposable electronic cigarettes offer the same nicotine fulfillment from conventional cigarettes. As suggested by the product’s name, the electronic cigarette is affordable and cheap.

Electronic Cigarettes
  • Cigalikes

There are different generations of electronic cigarettes. Cigalikes happen to be in the first generation. Many users prefer it to other forms of electronic cigarettes because it emulates conventional cigarettes. However, it is also slightly bigger than the traditional cigarette. Because many people are visual, it is somewhat impossible for them to enjoy their smoking experience if offered a chance to smoke real tobacco.

  • The Starter Kit

Just as the name suggests, a vape starter kit is a perfect package for an individual who is beginning their vaping journey. It is known as one significant way of reducing or quitting smoking. Therefore, a starter kit is often readily available with different brands to select from. Some of the brands include Mark Ten and V2.  Not only are they low in power but also ergonomically designed for the mouth. You will definitely like this brand.

  • Pod Mods
Electronic Cigarettes

If you want to quit smoking, then vape pod is the best option for you. While these devices are new to the market, their popularity is increasing. From the moment they were introduced into the market, many retailers have taken a significant part in releasing new pod versions. They may not be as big as the typical vape pens. But, they still satiate the hunger for nicotine.

  • Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Advanced personal vaporizers are electronic cigarettes that allow users to adjust to the wattage of their device slowly. In the long run, these vaporizers will supply nicotine to the users through their openings. Apart from it being a new product in the market, it comes in different unique shapes and sizes. You will also like the fact that advanced personal vaporizers have a long battery life.


Electronic cigarettes are not a recent entrant to the smoking industry. But, little is comprehended about some of the new brands in the market. That is why, in this article, we shed some light on the different types of electronic cigarettes. We also share details on some of the preferred brands, especially by new users.


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