If you would like to use your pool all year round, you need to put things like heaters and soler covers in place. There are three different types of pool heat pumps you can choose from. Here is a guide to show you why www.aquark.com might have great options for you.

Gas pool heater

A gas pool heater is the most popular type of pool heat pump. You can get gas pool heaters for in-ground and above-ground pools. They are pretty costly to buy. It comprises various components, including a pump, filter, heater, and saltwater system or chlorinator. Gas heaters are known for their fast pool heating ability.

Gas pool heaters are of two types, including natural gas heater and a propane gas heater. When you have a propane gas heater, you will need a big gas tank in your backyard. This gas tank should not be similar to the propane tanks used for grilling. A big gas tank would be a great idea if you cannot pipe natural gas into your house.

The propane gas heater uses fire and feeds up a copper element which passes through the water and gets hot. Water then passes through, gets hot, and is piped back into the pool.

Heat pump

A heat pump uses the ambient temperature to heat the water and is more eco-friendly because you are not using gas to heat the pool. The heat pump uses a big powerful fan and takes much longer to heat, and it can be more expensive than the gas heater. Most importantly, it depends on the brand that you prefer to use. However, the pool might not get as hot as you might expect, but it works well. Also, it runs a lot more than the gas heater.

Solar heaters

Solar heaters are another option that you could think of when you need to heat your pool. It comprises a solar panel, black pipping, and it heats up naturally by the sun. So, you may install the solar heater on the roof and send the water up the top for warming. Sending water up the roof can be complicated and expensive, but it is the most conscious way to heat your pool.


It does not matter the type of heating system you use or whether you already have one. It is recommended that on top of having a heater, a solar cover is essential. For example, if you are using a gas heater and heat the pool to the desired temperature, leaving it open, the pool would lose all the heat to the air. This is comparable to having hot water in the thermos and leaving it open.

If you have a cover on your pool regardless of the type of heating system you use, covering the pool will help save energy and money in the long run. Though, you may consider buying an energy-efficient pool heat pump to assist you in saving a coin. A solar cover would still be very essential as it will help you to be more efficient while maintaining the desired temperature in your pool.


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