Workstation vs Undermount Sinks

Are you in a pickle in deciding whether to get a workstation sink or an under-mount sink for your next kitchen remodel? Which is better, a workstation sink, or an under-mount sink? In this article, we’ll be providing you with the pros and cons of both sinks which can easily be found at Mensarjor Kitchen Sink; so that you can weigh your options carefully.

Don’t rush into a decision. A bad decision when it comes to the sink will be detrimental to your kitchen experience as you are going to use it every single day for many years to come.

For me personally, both are great sinks. It’s just a matter of preference, and on what type of sink can you benefit more with your current kitchen set-up.

We’ll start by discussing what that type of sink is followed by its respective benefits.

Workstation Sink

Let’s start by discussing, what is a workstation sink? Workstation sinks are a type of sink that can offer homeowners added benefits due to how easily it can be customized. You can install specific accessories on a workstation sink to significantly improve its functionality.

You basically transform your sink from being a place of dirty dishes to a fully multi-functional space. Some of the most common accessories that you can install on a workstation sink are drying racks, chopping boards, colander, a bottom grid, and many more.

Advantages of Workstation Sinks

1. Workstation Sinks Provide a Spacious Workspace

Kitchen space is a limited commodity, so every space that you can utilize is a huge win. With workstation sinks, you can install it on the largest to the tiniest kitchen. Everything about a workstation sink screams efficiency and functionality.

2. Keeps the Kitchen Sanitary

You do a lot of things in your kitchen that isn’t considered to be sanitary. With workstation sinks, you can organize your sink to separate tasks and things, making cross-contamination less likely.

One scenario would be defrosting meat while washing vegetables at the same time while dishes are at the side. That is not sanitary. With workstation sinks, you can divide and do those tasks efficiently with the various accessories available to you.

3.  Easy Clean-up

Do you fear the dreaded kitchen clean-up after cooking? Well, with workstation sinks, you don’t have to worry about most of that when you can do your washing, chopping, and even straining over the sink. It keeps your workstation sanitary and makes less mess for an easy clean-up.

Workstation vs Undermount Sinks

Undermount Sinks

For someone looking to get the best out of their kitchen space, look no further than Undermount sinks. Undermount sinks, just like its name, is a sink that’s mounted underneath your countertop instead of over.

Advantages of Undermount Sinks

1. Undermount Sinks is Seamless

Seamless is in. It’s the new trend. Because of how under-mount sinks are installed, there are no protruding edges or lips as they call it, over your countertop. Without those edges, there’s nowhere a food particle and debris can get trapped.

2. Clean Up is Easier with Undermount Sinks

As mentioned above, there’s no opportunity for food debris and particles to get trapped on your sink because it has no raised edges or lips. After prep work or washing your dishes, you can wipe your countertop down to your sink without getting snagged on the sink.

3.  Provides More Counter Space

Undermount sinks provide you with more counter space to work with. Because of how under-mount sinks are installed, which is under the countertop, you save up to a half square foot of counter space, and possibly even more, depending on what type of under-mount sink.

Final Words

Now that you have a vague idea of what both sinks can offer, you now have an idea of what works best in your kitchen. Both kitchen sinks have their advantages, but it’s ultimately up to you, your lifestyle, and preference that would determine which is the better sink.



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