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A blackout window film is a thin material that can be installed to either the interior or the exterior of the surface of a glass. The glass can belong to a window in a home or car and other automobile devices like boats. But all in all, most window films are made from polyethylene terephthalate. which is a member of the polyester family. Some of its main features are that it is bright, sturdy and can adhere to different surfaces. While most window films are made from the material mentioned above, different brands make products from different materials. In this post, we look at one of the most popular brands of window films; NioeHome Window film.

Features of the NioeHome Window Film

  • This is an entirely black window film that is used to darken windows. This means that the film does not allow any light to penetrate through it. It is, therefore, excellent for privacy.
  • The window film features close to a hundred percent UV ray filtration. This means that it can be used to protect the interior of the house, including the occupants like kids from direct sunlight.
  • This is a glue-free design. This means that it can be installed without the use of any form of adhesive. The additional benefit of this feature is that it helps to cut down on the number of chemicals used in the household.
  • The window film is also repositionable and easy to remove. This means that it can be removed without the use of any chemicals. The window film can also be reused as removing it is easy and does not leave behind any residue.

Applications of NioeHome window film

  • The window film can be used for decorative purposes in the homes
  • The film can be used to enhance privacy in different rooms of the house
  • It can be used to block out the rays of the sun especially in kid’s rooms and rooms with precious items
  • It can be applied in homes, offices, conference rooms, nursery rooms and other areas that require privacy

What sets this product apart?

  • It can be used to increase privacy
  • It efficiently reduces heat gain in the home and other spaces
  • It filters up to ninety-nine percent of UV rays
  • It cuts glares
  • It is straightforward to install
  • It can be used to decorate and beautify houses
  • It is long-lasting and reusable even after peeling off

How to install the window film

The first step to installing the window film is keeping the window or the glass clean. You also have to measure the size of the window and cut the appropriate size of the film. Once you have the right size, you have to wet the window with water, preferably soapy water, and then begin the installation of window film.

Take Away

When looking to get the best window film in the market, consider the information from the International Window Film Association. This is a body that seeks to provide unbranded details about window films in the market. On the other hand, window film installation should always be done by professional service for better efficiency.



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