There are several types of wigs. From human hair to synthetic wigs, women are spoilt for choices on the best one. You can get these wigs from different types of dealers, both online and offline. Some online shops have been accused of selling knock-off products, especially human hair wigs. Therefore, when looking for the best wig dealer, consider a reputable supplier, like Cynosure human hair wigs. The company sells different types and styles of wigs at varying prices. In this write-up, we discuss choosing the best wig style.

How to choose the best wig according to the shape of your face?

When choosing the best wig, there are some factors you need to consider. Some of these factors include texture, type, color, capsize, and style. However, when choosing the style, you have to go further and consider the safety of your face. Below are some common face shapes and the types of wigs that suit each shape;

  • Oval-shaped faces

People with this face shape are the luckiest when it comes to choosing the best wig. With this shape, you can wear almost any style. However, the ideal style would be off the face wigs. It would help if you also stayed away from any wigs with heavy bags or forward direction. Such styles will make your face look chubbier than it is. You don’t want people to think you gained face weight overnight.

  • Round-shaped faces

If you have a round-shaped face, you will do well with short wigs and those with off-center parts. If you have to go long, consider wigs that are swept back and those whose lengths do not go past your chin. Furthermore, if you have to choose a chin-length wig, do not choose one with a rounded like that is almost or exactly similar to your head’s shape. These wigs will make your face look bigger than it is. Center parts are also not a good option because they will make your face look wider and fuller.

  • Square-shaped face

This is one of the least common types of face shapes. However, if you happen to fall in this category, the best choice would be short to medium length wigs. Wigs with waves would also be an incredible choice as they would make your face look round. Off-center parts, wispy bangs, and long wigs are also an awesome choice as they make the crown of your head look longer than it is. Curled wigs will also do well with your straight and symmetrical facial features. Avoid straight bobs at all costs. If you have to wear a bob, look for one that is layered.

  • Oblong shaped-face

If you have an oblong-shaped face, you should avoid wigs that go past your shoulders. Short and medium-length hair wigs will do your face shape justice.


Your face type will affect the size and shape of the wig that you wear. If you are finding it challenging to select the best type of wig based on your face type, you can always seek help from professionals at wig shops.


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